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first row sports stream

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August 30, 2014 at 1:05pm

does this suck for anyone else or is it just my connection?  i want to smash my notebook because the stream keeps cutting in and out

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Link 4 is working fine for me (ya know...in 480p)

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I only see three links and there all awful.  :(

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Best I've found

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wow, thanks dude.  this is working much better.

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Happy to help. I tried several before I found that one. So far, very good by comparison.

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All the links I have tried on first row have been slow and choppy. The link above seems to be better than anything else I have tried

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I'm streaming on vipbox it's running pretty well on this site

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This is late, but Link 2 ran great for me. The first link was choppy, but I switched to Link 2 after the first commercial break and it ran perfectly for me the rest of the game.