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Comment 19 hours ago

Huh, hurts is a true freshman.  He was actually in HS when they were involved in bowl prep. 

Comment 06 Dec 2016

The way I understood the writing, both Saban and Urban visited Smith at school.  THEN were preparing for in home visits that night with more of the staff to lay out their respective plans with him and his family. 

So technically two visits but only one counts as the in-home.  The one actually in his home. 

Comment 06 Dec 2016

He signed his LOI with bama in January of 15 so 2 years of eligibility or 3 if he redshirted his freshman year. 

Comment 05 Dec 2016

There's a difference between being healthy and being physically able to contribute at the level expected to play for this team. 

Comment 05 Dec 2016

You're on drugs if you think PSU is better top to bottom at wr, te and RB than OSU. 

Against common opponent Michigan OSU also outgained PSU both on the ground and through the air. 

I guess I wouldn't be so adamant that you're nuts if you would have just said "in my opinion..." or "I think...." but you're trying to state it as fact that PSU has better position players and that's laughable. 

Comment 05 Dec 2016

I just hope dobbins takes the probability of him sitting next year and healing up with some maturity and understanding.  It's going to be rough for him wanting to be out there contributing. 

Comment 05 Dec 2016

You do remember we outgained them in rushing and passing?  Curtis had 25 fewer yards on, oh 10 fewer carries  

Barkley had under 100 yards rushing, gisicki under 50 yards receiving, Godwin blacknall and Hamilton under 5 total receptions combined and fewer than 10 as an entire unit counting the TE. 

If you want to credit PSU with having a better anything it should be the DL because they ate lunch in the backfield that day. 

Comment 03 Dec 2016

I didn't say he was a publicity stunt.  I don't know their reasoning for allowing an interview with the man and you're getting very agitated at my pointing that we don't know if he's really under consideration or not.  Also that we don't need to get flustered because a guy gets an interview that may be completely pointless to begin with. 

Comment 03 Dec 2016

I think you're missing mine, who's to say he's really in consideration?  Just getting an interview doesn't mean you're under consideration.  It could be a personal favor or an attempt at attention.  I mean its got us, fans of a team a thousand plus miles away with no further connection to the school than their last head coach talking about them.  

Comment 03 Dec 2016

We would never know how much ND would end up paying unless they had their internal files leaked since they are a private institution.  

Comment 03 Dec 2016

So?  He has an interview for a job he's not qualified for.  Nobody else has had an interview for a job they weren't really qualified for?

Lets get upset if he's actually hired by Houston, until then why care?

Comment 03 Dec 2016

you can argue about the morality all you want to but he was dishonest to the point of lying to the NCAA investigators which was the reason for the show-cause.

Comment 02 Dec 2016

I agree with him.  The last two games we were witness to weren't an offensive showcase and I think Alabama has more tools on offense than those other two teams so if you're debating over whether OSU could lose by a TD and a field goal to bama I'd have to agree they could.  

But that's why they play the game. We were supposed to rout PSU too.