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Comment 22 Jun 2016

its also because he fell into an absolute dream scenario for any RB let alone a skilled rookie.  Dallas isn't a shit team, they just had the misfortune of not having a QB and were fortunate enough to get a high draft pick as well.  That OL is legit and theres a passing game to benefit the running and screen game. 

Comment 22 Jun 2016

a lot of sites with forums are switching to this style in an attempt to cut down on multiple accounts and trolls.

Even the ESPN forums switched within the last year or so and that was a wretched hive of scum and villainy.

Comment 21 Jun 2016

Or maybe we should wait until his eligibility is used up before we start bashing his lack of effect on games.  Lest we be wrong and get shown this season. 

Comment 20 Jun 2016

Watching the battle gave me so much anxiety.  It was shot extremely well in that you had no real idea who was going to live or if anyone was. 

Jon Snow's cardio plan must be outstanding because I have no clue how he had so much energy. 

Also im really growing tired of Sansa again.  Her strategy ideas to Jon were rough.  

Comment 19 Jun 2016

He's been a lebron supporter.  They both picked state to win the series. 

The biggest draw would have been to see what Bayless backtracks on.  He's hates lebron or as he likes to refer to him as "lechoke" since forever. 

Comment 19 Jun 2016

Urban has said in interviews that all the credit goes to fick.  After all those times camping, often as a QB he admits that he "didn't see it".  

Comment 19 Jun 2016

As has been said getting in as a transfer is a lot easier than getting admitted out of highschool.

"worst case" scenario transfer to Columbus State for a semester or two and use their feeder system to get into OSU.  you cannot be denied so long as you carry the required GPA.

Comment 19 Jun 2016

... that didnt want him, save for 1 guy.  maybe two if vrabel was still around at the time.

Comment 19 Jun 2016

Huh, the chances of moretti coming in and playing as a freshman on the line was in the realm of a fraction of a percent.  

Unless there's extensive damage to the knee that's going to affect his long term ability he's spending his freshman year in the weight room and getting instruction while observing games from the sideline.  Regardless of injury. 

Comment 18 Jun 2016

Unless he's a wight, or a flashback scene I can't see how he can be back on the series.  

Brienne already claimed his death by her own hands.  She's all about that honor can't see her lying about something that important.