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Comment 16 hours ago

my guess about that would be kind of like parenting other peoples kids.  

the basketball players have a different mentality than what Urban has cultivated for the football program and I would not want to taint that with the personalities of the basketball team.  Urban's guys are there to work not to hold the hands and pet the egos of the basketball squad.

Comment 16 hours ago

yea but cleveland mortgaged the future for these last 2-3 years.  Love would have been better suited elsewhere because although he's a great player we have largely marginalized him and lowered his value by doing so.  Id rather have wiggins than love and thompson/shumperts contracts.

Comment 20 Jun 2017

its a great gig and he knows how much saban has left in the tank, so if he can get in and build something he's there to not just compete but to take over the SEC rather soon.

Comment 15 Jun 2017

isn't it a new coaching staff and front office in buffalo?  they don't have any allegiance to CJ because they didn't draft him.  he will get an opportunity somewhere though and getting out of buffalo is good for anyone.

Comment 14 Jun 2017

and paying him a ludicrous amount of money for what amounts to a role player this season nearly got him swept from the finals.  I'm not saying Thompson is a bad player, far from that actually, he's just not worth as much as or more than Kyrie and thats the contract they gave him including Kyrie's final player option season.

where Golden State said "hey lets add KD and manage the bench salaries a bit", Cleveland said "hey lets spend more money than we have on these guys that pulled a rabbit out of a hat with a never-before-seen 3 game sweep to win the NBA finals in 7 while that team we beat just got astronomically better"

Cleveland is still a really good team and as long as LeBron and Kyrie are teamed up with a shooter or two they can probably motor past the east in a playoff setting, but the west _is_ better.

Comment 13 Jun 2017

i dont think there are enough balls on the court to satisfy westbrook with kyrie and lebron on the roster.

Comment 13 Jun 2017

hes not contesting KD's shot no matter how annoying he might be to him on the dribble.

Comment 13 Jun 2017

maybe Lebron should have been watching what was going on in Golden State before he forced the Cavs to overpay for TT.  If he wants to win one or more titles here before he retires then he needs to retool contracts and that means changing the mentality behind getting the most amount a player can squeeze out of a team.


this money needs to get moved around and lol at Korver the 10 million dollar man.

Comment 13 Jun 2017

Silver is the nerd in school that had all the stats memorized but couldn't dribble or throw to save his life. 

Comment 13 Jun 2017

Kevin Durant was the difference.  Maybe Nike should make that his nickname.   He just ate up anyone guarding him regardless how well.   Somewhere Westbrook is shedding a tear like the Native American in the old school littering commercial. 

Comment 10 Jun 2017

a job title doesn't make you a role model.  a job title doesn't give you a character boost or prevent you from making the same decisions or mistakes as anybody else.  to say that he is a role model because he's employed to teach his players to be better wide receivers doesn't mean he has to teach them to be better people or inspire a development in the moral fiber of others.

i don't know the guy and i don't think you throw someone to the wolves if they need help (as he apparently does).  but to say he's a role model simply because he recruits what amounts to skilled labor is like saying your kid's boss as best buy should be a role model.

Comment 10 Jun 2017

I don't think anyone is discounting that GA could get white and Teague.  They discount they could get those two and another top 5 RB in the same class together.