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Comment 10 hours ago

I do too, I think he lives the life tressel envisioned for himself eventually taking over as AD as well.  

Buuuuut if he HAS to go pro I hope it's for cleveland, we need a quality product worth putting on prime time again 

Comment 10 hours ago

He's pretty good friends with belichick and chip so if he were ever to go I think he would want carte Blanche with personel and front office duties. I don't know that haslam would ever agree to something like that. 

Comment 10 hours ago

Totally agree, also in that recruiting classes are rewarded for size and not as much for who was signed. 

In a world where Tennessee can over sign 2s and 3s and a couple 4s and end up with a top 5 class is the world I stop giving credit to class rankings. 

Comment 21 hours ago

but with his administration style its possible hes got a strong enough persona that hes not the kind of floppy wang that has plagued the Browns staff since what seems like forever.

maybe he says "oh johnny texted you hes ready to wreck the league that's cute now lets draft a WR and stop calling me today Jimmy"

Comment 21 hours ago

I agree, they shouldn't be handed out for disagreements but obviously Groveport isn't someone that follows his own prescription as hes just gone through this thread and a couple of my others and downvoted them for good measure.  It's kind of funny that I can't remember the last time I downvoted him ;) 

Comment 21 hours ago

?  I only have one account... admins or maybe mods can verify that probably but a waste of time nonetheless. 

you're just kind of nuts man.

Comment 21 hours ago

huh?  you looked at my profile and saw what my last 10 posts went to them and downvoted them and that jogged your memory of me somehow?  theres literally nothing on my profile outside of the fact i list indians and browns as other teams i root for.  I guess thats memorable for you?

What makes me a lying troll?

What sob story did I make up?

Are you just tired and cranky?

Comment 21 hours ago

just to be clear, january 2013 is two years ago but I get your point.  What I havent mentioned is that I dont think I have downvoted anything since they added the record to profiles. 

Comment 21 hours ago

Groveport :  To be fair I started this thread asking a question for administration thinking there was an issue with my network, to which you tried to steer it into some sort of argument you tried to involve yourself in.  Then you pretended to somehow not really remember or notice me yet proceed to reiterate some fight from "way back" all the while down-voting every response I have made either to you or others. 

Now you're picking a fight with another random person

that screams troll, hmm?

Comment 23 hours ago

I was on a self imposed hiatus from all things sports up until the next game.  I cant stand to listen to 97.1 non-stop whine after games and absolutely don't want anything resembling highlights or analysis from the media.  I think after the game I was more upset with the lack of adjustment though than anything else, plenty of chances to win that game.  

but hey i think the rest of the season is a clearcut example of why its important to let it go.

But I'm trying, Ringo.  I'm trying real hard

Comment 23 hours ago

no, obviously there are things to upvote as I have done that.  Unfortunately there's a lot of things that aren't worth my time and then theres even stuff that deserves to be greyed out.  Like i said I don't just hand up upvotes because I agree with stuff or don't like stuff, thats even in the rules section isn't it?

also to be honest, that uv/dv catalog was a recent addition and I think its easy to get out of "balance" when you can't see your record.  I think thats even a listed reason as to why it was added.  

I also am an admitted curmudgeon 

Comment 23 hours ago

no, i said only a scumbag would celebrate the hit on mcgahee.  if you got your feelings hurt after i clearly told you several times that i specifically said exactly that I give up trying to make you feel better.

but hey thanks for holding a grudge at least now i know who follows me around on here!  enjoy your weekend man!

Comment 23 hours ago

no idea which is why I'm asking on site stuff forum.  could be any number of security measures I didn't even know if the thread creation would go through.  

it happened when I was trying to reply to another thread

Comment 23 hours ago

Nah, Im rather moderate on my voting.  I like to vote up good arguments whether or not I agree with the scope but alas I only have one vote to give per post.  

However conversely speaking there are a LOT more irrational, insane, offensive responses from people than there are the first kind.  Which of course is fine, I try my best to skip through a lot of the trash.

Prime example in this thread is that Groveport guy, waaaaay more downvotes cast than me and he's still throwing stones lol.

Comment 23 hours ago

lol because I don't join in the gif parades and i down vote irrational arguments from time to time?  

Comment 23 hours ago

can we please stop comparing Harbaugh's week on the job to Urban's 2+ months when each was hired?

Harbaugh is going to be fine, michigan is going to be fine.

To be honest Urban walked into a MUCH GREATER position than Harbaugh did regarding strength of program and recruiting class so maybe you irrational dudes can cut him some slack?  i mean dang did he sleep with your girlfriend?