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Game day experience recommendations

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August 26, 2014 at 6:11pm

I am a new grad student and I've never experienced Ohio State football. I wasn't able to get student tickets before they sold out but I would still like to find ways to experience game day. Any suggestions?

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If you want to go to the games, the best way is to wait till about an hour before game time and scalp tickets. Most games, if you play your cards right and wait long enough you can get tickets for face value, probably not scUM or VA Tech, but the rest of the games can def be had for face value or slightly above. 

As far as other game day traditions, check out lane avenue, and a must for me is Skull session, basically a pep rally with the band and the football team will come in for a few minutes, a couple players and Coach Meyer will speak. Other than that, my game day pretty much consist of sitting around shooting the shit, in the parking lots, eating and drink a few Beers. I Like to be in my seats 45-60 minutes before kickoff, I enjoy seeing warm ups. 

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If you are a fan of the team and recruiting, go in the gate at the southeast corner of the stadium. The tunnel that they players run through between the field and locker room are there. Recruits come into that area too. Pretty cool seeing how big and athletic these guys are close up. I've seen former Buckeyes like Troy Smith and James Laurinitis down there too.