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Cincinnati Area Game Watch - OBryons in Hyde Park

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August 26, 2014 at 4:48pm

This pertains to people who live in or will be visiting the Cincinnati area during football Saturday. I am currently the chair of the game watch committee for The Greater Cincinnati Area Ohio State Alumni Association and have struck a deal for a new and improved game watch location. The new official game watch will be at OBryons in the Hyde Park/Oakley area. Located at 1998 Madison Road 45208. The owner is a huge Buckeye fan and is very excited to have us. Below you will find the deal that will be available during Buckeye games.

Pretty Good Deal If You Ask Me

Here is a club brochure http://www.osucincinnati.org/join/2013_club_brochure.pdf

Below are the non member deals



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If anyone is in the Hamilton/Ross area and needs a place to watch you can join me in my living room but be prepared for my loud voice and jumping out of seat expressions. I onlysay this  because not many sports bars are actually carrying the game out here. Oh and prepare to drink.

Mark my words..I don't need acceptance. I'm catching interceptions on you innocent pedestrians.

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Well done with those specials.  If I was in Cincy I would go for them.

"I'm not going to lie. We're anxious to be a part of a matchup like that. It's two states that love the game of football." -Jim Tressel

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Question: Can you be a Wal Mart Buckeye to attend?

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We do not discriminate. There are actually a few members who are not alums. 

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The spicy garlic wings at OB's are incredible!  Last time I was at OB's for an OSU game (it was one of the noon games), Ryan Hamby was there watching the game dressed in his Walnut Hills coaching attire and proceeded to get absolutely hammered during the game.  Hopefully for the OSU alumni in town, he won't show up and make a fool out of himself in front of the Buckeye faithful again.

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I bought him a couple beers in Oakley one time.  Was advised not to mention "it."

Nothing like dancing on the field in 02... 

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Just an FYI - Cincinnati bell fioptics does have cbs sports network

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Below are the mugs you receive for $10...They hold a pint of beer...Proceeds go to our scholarship endowment fund.
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Look at how cheap those drinks are - beers as low as $1 and drafts only $3 amazing how they don't have everyone drunk by the time the game is over

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$1 Bud/Bud Light Drafts and $3 all other 'premium' drafts. Don't forget the $3 wells. They don't carry bottom shelf either. When you ask for whiskey/coke they use JD.

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Nice - very nice

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I'm in Cincy this weekend visiting my folks. If I can convince the grandparents to watch my kids for a few hours, I'll definitely swing by for the game.

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Bring the kids along if you like...The downstairs will retain a family atmosphere...I am not sure what the rooftop will turn into

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I really wish I had Saturdays off so I could join my fellow Buckeyes in Cinci! Have a few for me guys!

Flying high and looking down on that team up north

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Deals are good all day for the night game

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Friendly reminder to come check out the atmosphere at Obryons if you're in the area. Have had some pretty great turnouts so far.