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Man I miss Hyde

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August 24, 2014 at 6:03pm

Watching the SF game watching Hyde do what he does best. Positive yards. In the three preseason games he has still not had a single run that resulted in negitive yardage. I think he only had two of them all of last year. I see he is still running angry. He had a 9 yard carry in the 2nd Qtr today and I had a flashback to last year he was hit at LOS and spun out and kept legs moving for a gain of 9.

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Soooooorrrrrrrry Bass started writing at 4:00 before the other thread at 4:22. I was writing this at work while watching the game. Got busy and forgot to post earlier. Was filling in as game was going on. Thanks for the -1 helmet sticker I unlike some people could give a flip less about helmet stickers as Im just here for the info.

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Im actually just checking this thread for the first time since I posted in it....thanks for accusing me of something I didn't do, though.

Also, if you "could give a flip less about helmet stickers" then why did you acknowledge that someone down voted you?


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I miss him too. We've had a total of zero rushing yards in games played since he left.

When I walked in this morning and saw the flag was at half mast I thought, "Alright, another bureaucrat ate it." but then I saw it was Li'l Sebastian. Half mast is too high. Show some damn respect.

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Yeah, but zero tackles for loss, too.

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Now you guys are giving me Helmet Stickers just to piss me off aren't you. I know Owl it's next stud up in the stable here at Ohio State but still I'll miss the production he gave us. Right now we are in limbo until Eze and the new OL get things rolling.

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Yeah, Hyde was great but now I hope Ohio State reloads with some new RB weapons whether it be Eze, Samuel, or whomever.

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I'm waiting on the technology to come about that enables you to pick what players you want to watch on Sundays and have every former Buckeye taged. The only reason I watch Sunday football is to see how former players do at the next level. I check the Ohio State site weekly to see "Buckeyes in the NFL" but to see them happen live would rock. Now that Hyde isn't playing in the SF game I'm just using the game as background noise here at work. The sound of helmets smashing together has got me pumped to listen to the game next week since I don't get CBSsports here at work.

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I'm with you...I watch Brownies (cursed from birth) when possible down here in South FL and then whatever team has former Buckeyes. Guess I'll be checking out plenty of 49er games this year just to see El Guapo, or as he's affectionately referred to by me, my wife and my 2 year old daughter as simply "Guap" as in "Get 'em Guap" evey time he beast modes a 1st down/TD. Think he passed Raymont/Carlos//Beanie/MoC as my favorite OSU RB after 27 (im my lifetime...all due respect to 45, Hop, et al.). I miss that dude already, while also being excited about EzE, Rod, Samuel, Dunn, etc.

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As a 49er fan, I won't miss him as much as others. But that could depend on how much playing time he gets.

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Ibuck allways thinking of yourself I see. I have been a Bengals fan ever since I was little and thought it was the Beagles. (Hey I liked dogs and I was 5) I was disapointed when they passed him up.

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I know they have been doing better of late, but...for a very long time it has seemed like the Bengals never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity on Draft Day, no?

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I kind of feel bad for my Mom because she is a die hard Benagals fan and her husband is a die hard Browns fan LOL nither one of them can pick a winner worth shit LOL. Thats why when i do play the lotto i never ask them for numbers but Hyde will be missed this year since Braxton is out untill someone steps up to feel the void. And im hoping it is EZE my self but anyone one of them will works for me.

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Kinda torn - Browns first by birth - Seahawks second through marriage and love what they are doing so far in preseason. Love El-Guapo but not a 49er fan. Hope he sees a lot of playing time and does very well just not against the Hawks.  

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I'm going to miss him too. I got him on one of my fantasy teams, so technically he's still on my team to root for... Right?

Will definitely miss seeing him in the scarlet and gray though.

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Just drafted him in the 12th round of my football draft, Perfect hand-cuff/replacement for Gore