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BIG-SEC-Buckeye Perceptions

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August 21, 2014 at 4:59pm

I have noted with some interest, the change in odds for the Buckeyes to win it all this year as they slid from 10-1 to 50-1, due to Braxton's injury. I saw that JT Barrett had numerous SEC offers, including Alabama. Cardale Jones too, had some SEC offers. I see that even with A.J. McCarron's departure, Alabama's odds to win it all started out at 4.5-1 and remained the same, despite McCarron's graduation, and that they have two wholly untried QB candidates to replace him. Over the last 3 years, Ohio State has recruited at a higher level than any school save Alabama. Our record last year was 12-2. Both our recruiting levels and our record last year was better than, Florida, Georgia, LSU, South Carolina, and Texas AM. All of those schools too, lost last year's QB s and will be starting new, untested replacements. None of these schools are disrespected with 50-1 odds. So, is the Ohio State program that inferior to the SEC? Are our coaches that much worse? Or, is this yet another manifestation of Buckeye hate and false and inflated perceptions of the SEC? Is ESPN using Braxton's injury to further grab championship playoff advantage for the SEC at the expense of the BIG? What are your thoughts. 

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You can never use statistical and logical information when reviewing the SEC or trying to show the lack of disparity between OSU and Bama...

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We mustn't let facts get in the way.... God forbid.

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You posed and interesting questions until this..

 Is ESPN using Braxton's injury to further grab championship playoff advantage for the SEC at the expense of the BIG?

What does ESPN have to do with Sportsbooks adjusting their odds in the wake of Miller's injury? I think we are starting to reach a little too far in our need to blame everything on ESPN.

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I agree with you on this. ESPN doesn't really need to be brought up here. The one argument for the ESPN-SEC conspiracy is the SEC Network. Since it is owned by ESPN, they could get more money from more attention. However, I can't understand why putting down Ohio State would help much, at least in the preseason.

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More to do with us losing the entire offensive line, star RB and now star QB...that's a lot too lose. On top of that, we had a horrendus defense last year so I think it's not really bias, it's pretty reasonable to call us a long shot.  We need to prove ourselves first.  Alabama has consisently reloaded and been in the title picture every year.  We haven't proven anything since beating Oregon in the Rose Bowl.  Arguably beating Arkansas was something...but they weren't that great and the win was vacated.

We need to win a playoff game before we can say that we are being treated unfairly.

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Cincy- I hear what you're saying. I think the overall perception (outside of SECland) is that there will always be an SEC bias. The fact that Miller is out for 2014 gives the (perceived) Anti-B1G crowd more ammo to use from their pulpit to discredit the schedule and speed of B1G programs.

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First, don't watch ESPN except when they are showing games. Second, take $100 and put it on the Buckeyes.

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i agree with everything here... i have planned to put 100 on every game this year since last season ended but with Millers injury for MSU game, "The Game" and B1G championship i will be betting 500$ considering for MSU game if they stay unbeaten Vegas could very well have us listed as underdogs there for Much higher payout with 500$ after we put them back in their place! GO BUCKS

Light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it-John 1:5 SEC meet Ohio State, Ohio State meet SEC

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Florida didn't lose their starting QB. They are getting him (Driscoll) back after an injury last year.

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None of the other teams suffered injuries at the QB position right before the season. If Barrett had been the projected starter for months, our odds would be a bit better. And to their credit, they see a team with a whole new offense with littlw experience that has had an awful defense in the past.

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I think it has more to do with how much OSU depends on superior QB play. Alabama won a national championship the last two times they started a new QB so there is reason to still have confidence in the Tide. OSU would have lost several games were it not for great QB heroics. Throw a freshman into that role and not many feel that confident in the same outcome.

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Exactly.  Bama wins with defense.  A competent game manager QB on the roster is all they need to keep the odds in their favor.  OSU wins with offense.  Losing your best offensive player (a player who handles the ball on every snap) is a big loss.

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Bama doesnt even know who their starting QB is and might not until 3 games into the season. Yet that is being pimped and hyped as a good thing  by Espin. They fail to mention how Bama's schedule is ranked in the 100's but want to keep beating our weak 34th ranked schedule into the ground. It isnt really a  bias against tOSU, its the ignorant and blatant pimping of the sec that is laughable. Pac12 returning all of their great QB's are probably the #1 conference when you consider the sec lost their top 5-7  returning QB's. If Oklahoma can take Bama to the woodshed with a red shirt freshman QB matching up against Bama's 4th year starter then I  have no doubt in my mind that by mid to late season if we have scraped by that we will be a force and one of the top 5 teams.

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None of this matters if OSU doesn't win their games. If OSU manages to even get by this season with no more than 2 losses, It would viewed as a success considering majority of the media are expecting OSU to drop 4-5 games this year. If OSU can manage to go undefeated without BM, it will make a HUGE statement about the program and possibly the B1G. 

"Championships are not won on Saturdays in November. Championships are won on Tuesdays in August." -- Kerry Combs

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Seriously Who on our schedule besides MSU  would be favored over us?  If we had Auburn LSU Georgia Texas A&m on our schedule instead we would easily go undefeated Alabama has it so easy. 

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And, since you are on a Roll (Tide), scheduling cream-filled, butter-frosted, red velvet cupcakes in November ... NOVEMBER ... helps the recovery and push into their season finale.

"Momma told me there would be days like this."

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Barrett did not have an Alabama offer.  He didn't have many SEC offers.  His SEC offers were Ole Miss, Miss St. and LSU.  (According to 247) According to Scout, his only SEC offer was LSU.  Rivals only lists LSU and Ole Miss.  ESPN doesn't report an Alabama offer, either.  I don't think you looked at the correct player's profile. 

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1st day of ESpin New Employee Orientation......."OK...Repeat after me....SEC - GOOD!......BIG 10 - BAD!"

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