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Anyone need 27AA tix for the Kent State game?

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August 15, 2014 at 10:06pm

So, I bought a pack of tickets for a couple of games and I don't think I'm going to be able to make the Kent State game. I've got 2 tickets to the game on September 13th, 27AA, Row 8. They are faculty/staff tickets, which require an ID, but as I was told in a previous thread that I started, it doesn't seem to be a big deal. You'll be able to get in. Anyhoo, if anyone wants them, they're $300 for the pair, which is what I paid for them. Definitely not trying to make money off of you fine folks. I live in the Dayton area and could meet there, or if you have Paypal, I could ship them to you as well. 

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Not looking to buy, but do you have tickets in that section for the VT and Michigan games? Omg...

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I do, for the Virginia Tech game. However, both mine and my Fiance's rears will be firmly planted in those seats that evening. 

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$300 seems steep for 2 tickets to watch some MACtion.  You could probably make a Buckeye fan friend/ family member pretty happy selling to them for ticket face value.

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I'm not 100% familiar with the seating, so is that the side of the buckeye bench or kent state? I made the unfortunate decision to stay close to home and go to Kent but myself and a couple buddies we're planning on going down to the game to tailgate and then watch it at the bars but I'd much rather actually attend the game.

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Yeah, they're on the home sideline, 8 rows off the field. I don't think $300 is too terribly expensive considering the location of the seats, I certainly felt comfortable paying it, considering that's what I paid myself.