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Authentic Jerseys

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August 13, 2014 at 11:50pm

Hey Guys,

Im trying to find an authentic jersey with elastic in the sleeves and everything, but Im not having much luck. All the ones I have found so far are game worn and signed which will cost me a lot of money. Does anyone know if there is a place that sells authentic jerseys besides ebay? I know that they like to cycle their jerseys out every few years but I can't seem to find any real ones. If you guys could help me out that would be great, Im trying to get a birthday present for my dad that he will never forget!


Thanks and Go Bucks. 

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You have to talk to Nike directly to get one. They run about $250 for the NFL Elite 51 versions, but you should be able to inquire about the collegiate gear.

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They have a few of them at the local campus stores (flywire collar, Buckeye Leafs on the back collar) for like $150 if my memory serves me right. They're not quite gameday authentic but they're the closest you can buy.

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I've inquired several times...all stores say they aren't available to the public, and probably won't be as the profit margin is nothing compared the 'shirts' they are currently selling for $150.  I'd question the ebay authenticity.

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One of the only places i  know of that you can get them  is through the osu athletics auction website. But i haven't seen anything up for auction in quite some timeon there. http://ohiostatebuckeyes.cstvauctions.com/gallery.cfm. they used to go for not too high . maybe you may see that site pick up again as the football season starts up who knows.

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Besides the auction site, you could try contacting the official OSU team shop for guidance on when/where to get them (they're located inside the Schott) and depending on who you talk to, they could be somewhat helpful or absolutely useless).  I have not bought any since 2012, so I don't know if these are still available through the team shop.

If they are, the best time to find the authentic jerseys (from the university/athletic dept) are in December.  I've gotten authentic (game-worn) jerseys for as cheap as $50 and as much as $150 (some have names on the back, some don't).  You'll pay more for the 'skill position' numbers and less for the lineman numbers.  Anything worn by a popular player won't be available, nor will duplicates of these numbers worn by redshirts/walk-ons.  Numbers 1-12 will be tough to come by as well.

Good luck!

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In the early spring they have a jersey sale, where the Athletic Department sells used jerseys.  They do not have player names on them and the numbers for popular players sell out quickly. They sell both home and away jerseys. This year, they were selling jerseys from the 2012 season.

They are sold in the game used items store: