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Hubbard is back at LB

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August 5, 2014 at 5:24pm

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Probably liking their odds with Farrell and Hausmann for 2016 as well.

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His hs highlights also say he should stay at lb.. He is very athletic and will contribute right away on speacial teams...

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yeah and i remember people speculating on a safety spot for him too, would be sick to think of someone with that size coming at you with a dante whitner play style lurking in your blindspot

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I was really bummed when I heard he got moved to TE. So, this is good news!

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I was the opposite I was pumped to see that kid play TE, if he can run routes, he'd be a heck of a tough matchup for your average LB.

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Could not agree more!  The speed and height he has would be scary running up the seam.

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Definitely liked the idea of him at TE better, but he's intriguing at LB too. 

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It will interesting to see him play. I don't ever recall watching a LB with his height.

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I really like the move back. He has great range and awareness, which would almost be a waste at tight end. I also think with the performance at Linebacker and Safety last year warrants much more of a need on the defense than at Tight End

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Can't wait til he hits the field - He's going to make a few players pay this year.

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I think i'm one of the few that wanted to see him at TE.

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He very well could be back at TE in the event of an injury or if Baugh has more issues. Knock on wood.

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