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Comment 15 hours ago

While he's made some great catches, he also dropped balls that hit him in the numbers and disappeared when we played good teams.  From what I've seen/read, I would start Michael Thomas, Corey Smith, Jeff Greene and maybe even Johnnie Dixon over Devin Smith.

Comment 13 Apr 2014

Ball and Dunn both looked great!  Last year we had the best backup QB in the nation, this year we'll have the best back up RB.

Comment 11 Apr 2014

I want to see Eli Apple ball out, maybe get a pick 6.  He was one of my favorite recruits when he signed and I was disappointed it took him so long to get his black stripe removed, but I'm very excited it seems he has turned the corner this spring.

Comment 06 Apr 2014

I never thought the tweet was a big deal, I always assumed he was just joking around.

He seems to have made himself the solid #2 QB and I'm happy for him. 

Comment 05 Apr 2014

Nice!  Would like to find out why it took so long to have it removed.

Comment 05 Apr 2014

I think the second level read option Meyer has been talking about could benefit the TE's a lot this year, but I also think our WR's are going to be a lot better, so overall I don't see the TE's getting more touches.

Comment 03 Apr 2014

Some people may not have a lot of choices, but Ray Small isn't one of them.  He had the talent to play in the NFL and even if didn't make a roster, having a degree from Ohio State and playing football for them, opens doors not available to other people.  He could have been a hero in Ohio.

Comment 01 Apr 2014

He's a big guy too, I think he can run it up the middle without much risk of injury.

Comment 01 Apr 2014

At tight end, Meyer said there isn’t a huge drop off because Nick Vannett and Marcus Baugh have performed so well.

Nice to see this, I was worried about Baugh after his alcohol related incidents, I thought he may have a problem.

Comment 29 Mar 2014

give up the rouse and turn NCAA Division I football into a minor league for the NFL

A minor league for the NFL would fix this whole problem.  If they want to get paid and are good enough, go play football for money, if they want to go to school and play football, they can go to school.  Right now many players are in school for the wrong reason because they have no other choice.

Comment 28 Mar 2014

This one about A-Dog made me happy!

"Bennett said that Adolphus Washington is blowing through double teams right now. He said it takes a grittier mindset to play inside, and Washington has that now."

Also, lots of other good spring ball stuff here:


Comment 25 Mar 2014

Yep, either we get him or we have time to work on getting someone else.  Wouldn't that be sweet if we get the #1 dual threat QB and #1 RB!


Comment 17 Mar 2014

That's just during spring break, I'm sure he'll visit Ohio St.  He listed Ohio St, Tenn and Miami as his top 3 and none are listed there.

Comment 17 Mar 2014

We seemed to be missing on TE last year and so far this year.  What are the chances of Sam Hubbard making the switch to TE?  He has the size and is a good all around athlete.  With a redshirt year I'm sure he would have the time to learn the position.

Comment 13 Mar 2014

I'm pretty sure a caller asked Meyer that on a call in show last fall.  He said something like, to put 2 more running backs in there, you'll have to take out Heureman and Wilson, and he wanted to get the ball to them more not less.

Comment 11 Mar 2014

Good analysis.  While the D line probably wasn't as good as they looked at times because of the competition, they were still young last year and I would fault LB with much of the running yards against us.  The D-line is the one place on our defense I'm not worried about.