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Buckeyes in the Hall of Fame Game

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August 2, 2014 at 4:28pm

Jonathan Hankins and Travis Howard play for the Giants. Does anybody know what other Buckeyes are playing in the Giants Bills HoF game tomorrow? I'm not sure if Jim Cordle or Etienne Sabino are still with the Giants. Do the Bills have any former Buckeyes? 

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bethmowins's picture

CJ Barnett is on the Giants

Seattle Linga's picture

No one is showing on their current roster for the Bills from the good guys

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If the bills knew what the were doing they would have Kenny G playing smooth jazz

If you will it dude, it is no dream

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TheVictoryBell45's picture

Sabino is with the Rams now. 

BuckeyeGrownFloridaLiving's picture

Looks like I'm rooting for the Giants.

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HoF game's tomorrow? Even though a lot of people don't care about preseason football, I still like watching because I'm just so desperate...

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According to Ohio State's "Buckeyes in the NFL" page, the Bills feature linebacker Nate Williams, and the Giants are home to the aforementioned Barnett, Hankins and Howard.

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From what i can find on the game it's on NBC at 8pm tonight.