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Realistically Looking at 8 Team Playoff

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June 6, 2014 at 3:08pm


The playoff is finally here, I already can't wait for January 1st to watch the first games, even if my Buckeye's aren't playing... but they will be.  Right now there will be four teams that make the playoff.  Personally I think four is good, but I want an eight team playoff.  But I thought about it and asked myself, would an eight team playoff be better?


For the players? No.

I dont think so.  If you make it an 8 team playoff, teams would have their regular season (12 Games) then Conference Championship, Quarterfinals, Semifinals, and then the National Championship.  A 16 game season for College Football, people need to remember that these kids still have school/finals.  I dont think it's in the best interest of the players.  DJ posted an article today  about the end of the season for Ohio State, imagine adding in another game against a Top 8 team.  Can the players handle that?  I know all the teams that make it will have to handle it but football is a lot different than basketball, it's hard to play that many games.

For the fans? Maybe?

Yeah we get to watch another four football games between great teams and I think that those games would be incredible.  However, unless the Quarterfinals are at home stadiums, traveling for four post season games (B1G included), all of which have enourmous price tags attached to them, it would make it very hard for Buckeye Fans to get out to see them play.

For College Football? I say no.

College Football is the one sport in the world where the regular season truly matters.  Every single game matters.  I think with four teams the regular season is still preserved.  The most you can have is one loss to make the playoff (I hope) butif you expand to 8 teams I think you allow a two loss, maybe even a three loss team to get into the conversation.  I don't think that's right.  The fact that UConn can enter the NCAA tournament with 8 losses, losing their Conference Championship, and still win the National Championship against an even worse resume Kentucky is not what College Football is about.  It works for Basketball, I dont think it works for College Football.

Thoughts? Am I not thinking clearly or do you guys agree with me at least a little bit?

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I am with you on most points. The big issue that I have with it is that the conference championships (should) be a de facto first round game for the 4 team playoff. I know there has been one group (the SEC) who thinks you shouldn't have to win your conference to be in the playoff, however I strongly disagree. It is truly impossible to determine how one team would do in another conference. Everyone said the SEC was untouchable then A&M and Missouri (two teams regularly middle of the pack in the Big 12) came and have been very successful.

If you really think about it, each year, for the most part, the major conferences have 2 strong teams that should be playing in the conference championship game. Out of those conferences (B1G, SEC, Big12, Pac10, ACC) you should be able to come up with 3 teams who are truly worthy of being in the playoff. Then you have one spot that is given to a 'wildcard' type team. In all honesty, in the past couple of years there have only been 2-4 really good teams each year, then it is usually a step down to the next tier. An 8 team playoff would devalue what I think will be 3 very good games.


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I completely agree.  I think if they were to expand to 8 teams the first round would need to be hosted by the higher ranked team in the match up.  I also love that every single game matters.  It's what makes college football unique and is one of the things I love most about the sport.

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Here is my only issue with the 4 team playoff... Lets say we have #1 & #2 undefeated... No question that they're in. Now lets say #3 #4 & #5 are all 1 loss teams but conference champions and have relatively similar SOS and all that jazz... Someone is getting screwed there. And before we get into the "well #9 is getting the shaft if its an 8 team playoff" please don't. If you're #9 and then you probably arent a 1 loss team that won its conference so tough cookies. Chances are my theory won't come true very often but it would be a big time shame for whomever that would be. Just my opinion. 

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You are right, the 9th place team doesn't have a right to win it all, but why does 8? I think that is the flaw in your argument is that saying well 9 doesn't deserve it doesn't resolve the issue. This argument to me holds the least amount of water. If you think 5 deserves a shot then so does 9.17,33, or 65 under larger formats. 

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I hear what you're saying. Only reason I say 5 would deserve a shot is if they're a 1 loss team that is a conference champion... same as the #4 team. Like I said though, I highly doubt it will happen much but theres that chance. And how pissed would we be if we were the #5 team in that situation? Now at #9, you're not going to have that same issue ya know?

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I don't nece$$arily di$agree with any of the i$$ue$ you rai$e, But I think you left out one i$$ue that will trump them all

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It is unfortunate but I think you are absolutely right when you say that it's "all about the benjamins."  Money runs this sport, there was an article written today about Maryland joining the B1G and it basically said the decision was $$ driven.  

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I just can't wait to hear some douche SEC AD/Coach tell us how "unAmerican" it is to not have 2 SEC teams in the playoff

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Easy fix, go from 12 regular season games to 11. Go from 9 conference to 8 and you can have 2 cupcakes(easy home money) and 1 tough game.

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That's a game's revenue everyone that doesn't advance in the playoff loses. We can't forget almost everyone will only have their regular season and a bowl game (and some won't even have that).

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I am sure from the added TV revenue there can be a joint fund similar to some of the professional leagues where there is revenue sharing to cover this.

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Well we've already had a two loss LSU win a championship, and that with only 2 teams playing, so there's a pretty good chance we'll have another now that we have 4 teams playing.

With 5 power conferences plus ND, 4 playoff spots is a train wrecking coming down the tracks. Wait until we have some mix of 5 or all 6 of those teams with 1 loss or less...

I'd like to hear the players take on the extra games. Jesse Palmer commented that he would have liked the extra games, but being a QB I doubt he'd feel the toll a LB would. 

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  • 8 team playoff
  • 1st round and semis the weekends around Christmas. Or semis timed with new years day. Championship after New Years. 
  • 3 bowls are semis and finals. Home game in opening round for top 4 seeds. Bowl sponsors could even play in opening round games. 
  • 4th bowl rotated out gets 9 vs 10 on New Year's Day. 

Keeps regular season very meaningful, gives northern teams a chance for a home game as opposed to essentially always playing away in a bowl, and plenty and plenty of money in that for all parties. 

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It will become an 8 team playoff within 5 years, it's simply inevitable. All about the Benjamin$ baby! 

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I believe they have contract for the playoff. I believe it states that it will stay at 4 teams for 10 to 12 years. It gives them longer to screw it up, which they're already slowly accomplishing.

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There should just be a 120 some team playoff at the start of the season. As teams lose, they can schedule games with the other teams that have lost, so their fans can have something to do untill January.

And then I told her...i'm no weatherman, but tonight's forecast is calling for several inches!

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Minimum of 8 teams with the conference champion from the 6 BCS power conferences guaranteed to have a spot.  One at large spot to the highest rated mid-major conference, and then one at large team based on rankings.  Also, take ESPiN's grubby little hands off of it to make it a fair selection process.