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Comment 17 Jun 2016

Alright I may have jumped the gun declaring Worley a first round pick, but I certainly expect him to be a candidate for declaring early after this year. Lee saying there's no drop off, Worley being in the program another year, waiting his time for so long... I expect him to hold of Jerome baker and make a ton of plays this year. He's another guy that came in as a safety, grew into a linebacker, and if I remember correctly had a bit of a mean streak coming out of Glenville. 

And obviously this is all speculative, I think it's awesome that we can have these conversations about guys.

Comment 16 Jun 2016

I heard that if greens stay as fast as they were earlier in the week, experts wouldn't be surprised if winner was double digits over par. should be a lot of fun to watch professional golfers 3 and 4 putt like I do. Golf course is real winner, but the guy holding the trophy at the end of this I'm gonna guess is speith. 

Comment 25 Apr 2016

Awesome post BD, on the DT list, no Jarran Reed?  I haven't watched the film as you have but I remember him being a huge part of that very scary Alabama DLine. I don't think I've seen a mock draft where he doesn't go Top 25.  I'd love to hear your analysis on him.

Comment 16 Nov 2015

I absolutely love this spread, and will put a lot of money on this one.  I think i would take OSU up to about 20.  There are a lot of things saying OSU will win this game easily.  One, in Columbus.  First real home game for OSU, players and certainly the fans will be fired up.  Looking at Sparty first, the amount of injuries Mich St has had on both sides of the ball cannot be ignored, especially Connor Cook.  One or two big hits from Bosa/Washington and I could see him being knocked out of the game.  Their DBs and LBs are not what we have grown accustomed to seeing the last few years.  Dline is very good but OSU will most likely keep a TE in to help farris in passing situations.  Looking at OSU, defense is playing at an incredibly high level.  The pass rush will not effect MSU like it has lesser teams because Cook is a NFL caliber quarterback, but the run defense will dominate msu which has been very inconsistent.  JT shaking the rust off vs illionis, I expect a performance like last year going 250/100 with 4 total td.  OSU train gets rolling, Meyer sends a message to the country you better watch the fuck out... 

OSU 42-16 

Comment 04 Sep 2015

They're projecting Stidham to start most of the second half, which leads me to believe they're gonna keep scoring and prevent a backdoor cover from SMU.

Comment 04 Sep 2015

I think so too and i know SMU is different than Minnesota but didn't people think the same thing of TCU last night? Great performance by Minnesota to hold that 'elite' offense to 23 points.

Comment 04 Sep 2015

I'm interested to see how Chad Morris handles his SMU debut, but that's all I know about them too. 

Comment 07 Jul 2015

I think you if you made everybody post their age when they answered this question we would see a correlation. For 2002 I remember watching the game like it was yesterday, and I was only 9 years old. I couldn't appreciate it to the extent that I could 2014. 14 was more enjoyable for me not only because of the season and beating bama but it was the fact that buckeye nation could stand tall middle fingers up to the rest of the world. after letting it all slip away in 2006, 2007, 2010, and 2013, 2014 was amazing for me. 

On the flip side of the coin, my dad, who is now 48, said 2002 was the the better for him. he didn't see a national championship for Ohio state until he was 35. He lived the cooper years and while I had 4 seasons of true 'we were so close' he had probably 10+. Curious to see if anybody that's more 'seasoned' agrees. 

Comment 06 Jul 2015

Definitely good points made. I'm not saying that the players we had were bad players, but you can't say they were the same as we had this past year.  OLine are comparable, running backs are comparable, but wrs are not. 

Philly/Devin ('13/'14)/Spencer does not even come close to Devin ('14/'15), Thomas, Marshall, Spencer. 

My biggest 'complaint' is that people say JT and cardale are so much better quarterbacks and throw the ball better when the weapons JT/Cardale had were much more dangerous than the weapons Braxton had.  We can argue this till we're blue in the face obviously so we will just have to wait and trust UFM.  It's my from the couch coaching opinion that Braxton is a true game changer every play and will be able to throw 3500+ run 1500+ with what we have coming back this coming year, and that's why I think he should start.  

Comment 06 Jul 2015

They'll battle splitting reps for the first few weeks then half way through Urban said he will name a starter to allow them to get all first team reps leading up to the opener.