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Tom Herman

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April 28, 2014 at 12:45pm

I was on ESPN's website earlier and a few writers (Adam Rittenberg and Austin Ward) were talking about how there is a great chance that 2014 will be Herman's last year in Columbus as he will be a very attractive Head Coaching candidate. If he does end up leaving does anyone have any idea who OSU would look at for his replacement? I know this is a long way away but does anyone know of any young offensive minds on the rise who run the spread that Urban could snag? Or do you think they could hire from within?

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That's a major prediction from quite a few on ESPN including Big Ten bloggers. I'm wondering though whether Urban asked for another 2 year commitment from his coaches because if so, maybe he wouldnt leave after next year since this past season marked the first two years.

Bottom line, as good as Herman is, as long as UFM is in charge, the offense will continue to roll on with very minor speed bumps. I'm sure he's had numerous OC's over the course of his head coaching career and has been great on O everywhere.


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Pure speculation on my part, but Brian Johnson, the offensive coordinator from Utah. He's a young guy (27 or 28) and was the quarterback on Utah's Sugar Bowl team in 2008. I'm fairly certain that Urban recruited him back in the day. Even after Urban left Utah, they continued to run that same offense until Norm Chow came along, then left after a year. Utah hasn't been great offensively under Johnson, but they've been running a hybrid offense and he definitely knows Urban's system.

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Pretty please?

Snarkies gonna snark. 

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No...just no

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Assuming Miss St has a bad year, i'd say Dan Mullen.

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I think they may realize he is as good as they will get. 

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I thought the exact same thing. Hopefully Miss St is awful and Mullen can come back to work with Urban. I'd take UF's old offense at OSU. 

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Shannon Dawson from WVU. Brian Lindgren from Colorado. Don't know how either are at recruiting though.

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Robert Gillespie 

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Wonder if Herman was to leave would we give Warriner a shot at being the full time OC?

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I would not put a lot of confidence in what they are reporting