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Next year could be crazy.

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April 11, 2014 at 12:25am

I have heard and read some of the stuff about recruits for 2015 but have not really had the chance to go look at any videos. I was off today so spent sometime catching up. I just watched Torrance Gibson's highlights and he is a must get. I hate to say it but if he commits I will say with 97% certainty that he wins starting job in 2015. Along with that he has been trying to recruit the the #1 RB too along with the #3 WR we are pushing for. This year could be a Championship year if we are aggressive with everything we do but 2015 could and probably will be the Championship year.

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There are a few very good QB's in the upcoming year that can bring us to the promise land especially with the foundation we've built.

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I will be very happy with Wimbush as the QB for 2015.

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TG isn't by any means a "must get" from the stand point that we will suffer at the QB position without him.  First off, he's not at all a polished QB, secondly the only way I'd say he is a "must get" is just by the amount of time that the staff has put into recruiting him.  He's a fine player, but no one player makes up a recruiting class.  If they miss on him there are plenty of other guys out there.  If you want to talk about a "must get" I'd go Justin Hilliard.  How often is an in state guy a consense 5* and top ten player on just about every recruiting source?  He's a must get if there ever was one in my book.

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I'll tell you right now if TG commits he will absolutely not win the starting job next year.  Will he start A game next year?  That could be a possibility.  I think just getting into a new school, learning a new system, playbook, etc. it just doesn't seem possible.

I mean look at J. Bauserman vs B Miller a few years back.  I think my little sister could have told you Braxton was a much better qb (athlete) than Joe but Joe still started those first couple games before Braxton took over.

Wait, Fickell was our head coach that year though...................



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If I would have been drinking something I would have spit it out because of how hard I just laughed

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I'm not sold on him just coming in and beating out the QB's we have like it's a cake walk but I'll agree he is an amazing athlete. And I've pretty much jumped on the Wimbush boat, him and Nunez would be great in this class. Torrance seems to be all Tennessee solely based off crazy Vol fans checking on his Twitter every 20 minutes, sending him pictures, favoriting and retweeting every tweet and whatnot. Some guy, yes a man, even sent him a picture of his phone background with Torrance on it. Not like in a UT jersey just a whole bunch of pictures of his face...really creepy. I just hope he watches what they do this year and what the Buckeyes do.

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It isn't a knock on Gibson, although he is raw, Wimbush, or any other 2015 QB recruit we may bring in. As I said in another forum, I'll be my whole stash of helmet stickers that none of them will come in and start from day 1.

It just won't happen, and if it does it means the shit has hit the fan with the 3 scholarship QBs we have currently.

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I expect ,whatever qb we do take to redshirt..no matter who it may be..just my opinion

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