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Is Greg schiano gonna coach at osu?

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March 20, 2014 at 11:23pm

He has been at the practices and is wearing osu gear so I was just wondering if anyone knew if he was maybe gonna join the staff as a defensive minded guy? He was amazing defensive coach at Rutgers so it's be good for the defense.

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I would imagine the chance is .001 that he joins this year. It's not uncommon for other coaches to watch practice and swap notes. 

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I would imagine the chance is .001


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Always has to be one.

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Kinda makes you think ........... I find it odd that he would be wearing our garb and I think we can't hire anyone else due to NCAA rules and that we are only allowed to have so many paid staff as coaches. Maybe he will be a consultant.

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Maybe he showed up with a blue shirt on..

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I just hope he left the MRSA back in Tampa

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I hear ya, but I don't see how that would have been Schiano's fault, and I don't think you're suggesting it was.  But it sounds like the sort of thing that can really help to upset the apple cart.

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Maybe he's here to take over for Fickell?  #FireFickell

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I highly doubt it since he will likely be a head coach again in 2015. He's just good friends with Meyer (according to Urban).

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I hope so. Great coach.

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People may be forgetting the dumpster fire that happened in Tampa last year.

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I didn't forget.  It was a dumpster fire alright.  I would never have even cared, but for the fact that I'll never forget what some major-insiders told me about the coaching search at Michigan before Rich Rodriguez was hired.  They had formed an off-the-books committee to help then-AD Bill Martin.  The committee was never formalized, never held a meeting, and never kept notes.  So that there'd be nothing to report in a FOIA or in Open Meetings Act requirements.  I had more than one confirmation of the existence of the committee.  It was mostly Bo-era players.  They reached a conclusion and recommended one name to Martin; it was Greg Schiano.  Martin said thanks I'll get back to you.  A few days later, he hired Rodriguez.  Some people say Schiano was contacted and turned Michigan down.  According to my sources, Martin never really asked Schiano, and Schiano didn't have the chance to turn Michigan down.

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Hey, at least we're not in danger of Lane Kiffin showing up.

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Didn't you hear?  He's employed by an SEC superpower now .....so he's awesome. 

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Mark it down, just changing area codes will now make him the best offensive coordinator in college football.

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Yes, you are correct sir...a dweller in Sabanistan I hear.

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Didn't Mangino come to a few practices last year? i remember he was wearing OSU garb b/c he had a blue shirt on, but i'm sure this is probably a similar situation in that Mangino and UFM are friends.. It's not uncommon for coaches to seek input from other coaches/friends regarding play calling, schemes, etc. Schiano is making some nice $$$ to just sit back and consult this year. if the right head coaching jobs opens up he will jump at it, but I highly doubt he would take a coordinator position this year and risk leaving $$$ on the table. 

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wasnt Schiano our DB coach for all of 1 week b4 taking the TB job? then came the hiring of coombs?

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No, he wasn't. Bill Sheridan was hired and then shortly thereafter left for Tampa Bay as their defensive coordinator... I believe. 

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Can't think of a better way to spend a week or two on an NFL team's dime (I read he gets paid this year by his ex-team unless he finds a job)- hang with good buddy Urban, still be involved with a game he loves, watch a powerhouse football team and its films, and give advice, while filing away the stuff that Schiano thinks would work at the next stop. No stress, no commitment, no responsibility. I'll take it.