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Paris Campbell Jr.?

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March 5, 2014 at 7:34pm

With all the talk about Samuel, Dontre, Greene, D. Smith, C. Smith, Spencer, Marshall, Thomas and others at WR where will Paris fit in at on the roster. Will he redshirt and learn the offense, which I think is his best option right now, or could he receive some playing time.

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I think it would be a wise move to redshirt him unless he comes in and turn some heads. He technically should be in the grade below where he is and will only be 17 when he gets to fall camp. 

Edit: Correction he will only be 16 when he gets to camp***

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

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Probably will red shirt and that isn't a bad thing based on his age and stature. He will be a high profile Buckeye before he graduates I'm quite sure.  So very much young talent on this team.  Time for the coaching staff to show what it's got.

m5987usus's picture

I bet that he will redshirt because I'm pretty sure he was one of if not the youngest commit in the country for the 2014 class I think he like just got his license too.


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He's got a lot of potential but considering his age, size, and all the depth at his position.....he will probably redshirt.

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I do think it is likely that he redshirts, but as you know Urban likes speed. I know they said it last year, but again they're saying no redshirts! While that may not be true, speed is a very unique weapon, and this guy brings that. So, all-in-all he could redshirt but he may get several touches and possibly be a contributor on special teams.

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I thought urban stated that no one will redshirt in this class unless an injury were to occur? Please correct me if I'm wrong..

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I will say RS simply because his age. He was only 16 when he commited, and from the tapes and pics I would say he is 6-0 and 165. LOTS of time to pack on some muscle and with a 40x of 4.41 now-----just think!! Told him he would be used as a slot his first year. Can u imagine all the speed on the field, and if Kirk commits......

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Parris is almost certainly a redshirt candidate. He's got a lot of physical maturation to do, but he's starting from a pretty excellent point. He'll be a big-timer at Ohio State before he's done.

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Can't wait to watch him develop into a pure stud over the next few years. Another year of coach Mick isn't a bad thing either.

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A great athlete and a great kid. While he may redshirt, his tape shows that he makes good decisions and plays above his age level.

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He is the perfect redshirt candidate because of his age. Meyer says a lot of things but this one makes the most sense. You'll be hearing about Paris during track season. I have him as the favorite to win the 100m or 200m in Div 2 this year. He may win both state titles he's that fast.


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He's fast. He's real fast. I mean he makes fast people look NOT fast.