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Marcus Baugh

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February 27, 2014 at 6:11pm

Any news on Marcus Baugh? Does it look like he will play this season (Behind Jeff Huerman and Nick Vannet of course)? I believe he could be a terrific tight end if he stays out of trouble.

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I asked this in the last mailbag, Birm said no real news, he will have hoops to jump through, but all signs point to him doing whatever he has to. Last chance type of thing, but he did get his black stripe removed a while ago which is also a good sign.

Just have to hope the young man figures out any problems he may have, and if it's just him being a dumb college kid then he has to be smarter.

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The "news" is that Marcus is still a Buckeye and for the foreseeable future will be, provided he doesn't make any more mistakes. He's well aware that he's on his "last straw."

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Keep in mind the athletic dept. has a policy for substance abuse. IIRC, third offense is year suspension.

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Talk about a monster if he keeps his act clean

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Hopeful the news on him moving forward is positive - on and off the field.

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I'm already dreading the "reporters" articles when he sees the field. I have a feeling Clay Travis already has something prepared. 

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Be nice to see this turn into a good "Buckeye Story".

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Worst part was it looked like he had it turned around when he lost his stripe then BOOM


Hopefully he is in the clear now

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This is awesome - and hopefully this is a start of a great career - so happy he's finally making an impact.

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finally? dude is a redshirt freshman!

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Just had to go through a minor adjustment of moving 2,000 miles from home, and from HS Football to College.

Seems he has made the adjustment.

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Well put.  Legal troubles suck, but I'm not worried about underage drinking.  I never got caught, but seriously, who didn't drink before 21?