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The infamous 40 time

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February 24, 2014 at 11:23am

I really believe to an extent this is a very over hyped  drill for the most part. I feel aside from kick/punt returners, WRs, DBs, and RBs most positions aren't going to be running 40 yards in a straight line let alone without pads. Personally as much as it sucks seeing guys 40 times adjusted, I'm glad they standardized things with the laser time. It levels the playing fields and gives an honest number that's non-biased. Speed will give an advantage and can't always be taught, but I'm a big fan of instincts and watching film verses looking at numbers. I feel like some of these numbers get way over hyped.

Anyways, my point of this is I would actually like to see 40's (at the NFL combine or even HS combines) run with pads on. Gotta figure guys will try to cheat this with lighter pads so you standardize the pads you run in across the board. I think it would give a more realistic feel of the game. Personally my argument for this is I've played with guys that run 4.3 on the track but run 4.6 with pads and 4.5 track guys that seem to not slow down with pads on.  Discuss. 

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i think you hit the nail on the head when you said running the 40 with no pads is about standardization.  if you tried to use a standardized set of pads, how do you go about standardizing them?  do you have 1 set of pads so everyone runs in the same set?  do you have different sizes that are all the same weight for different size players?  do you adjust the weight of the pads based on player weight?  i don't think that these problems that you mention go away with pads, some players just have good straight line speed and some have better agility, and between the 40 and the shuttle run, they have separate tests for those.

that being said, i do agree that scouts do seem to place a huge priority on one number for one skill for these players.


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You definitely bring up a good point. If I would to do it I would probably make a standard brand of pads that has to universally be the same weight for the different sizes. 

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40 times are an absolutely JOKE.

If you believe there is a single NFL player that is even close to Usain Bolt you've lost all sense of reality.  Using his World Record time of 9.58 100m has Bolt running a 4.38 40 yards.


keep in mind this is THE BEST sprinter in the WORLD running on a surface specifically designed for sprinting, wearing sprinters spikes, exploding out of sprinters blocks who has trained his entire LIFE to turn in a top 100M time....  Bolt would be so far infront of these guys out of the blocks it wouldnt even be funny. 

Times used by the NFL are an absolute joke.  There is 0% chance that a guy timed at 4.29 in a combine would even get close to that time in a track meet

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You're comparing apples & oranges. Bolt's 100m times including the reaction to the gun. That adds roughly .1 to .2 seconds to the time. College/NFL 40 times start when the runner starts, there is no reaction delay. Using the College/NFL method Bolt's 40 would be closer to 4.18-4.28. Of course that is still just a rough approximation. Some of the more detailed estimates I've seen suggest Bolt has covered the 40 anywhere from 4.2 to 3.96 seconds.


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Speed is important, but for every one 4.4 guy that excells as a football player regardless of position 10 probably don't.  Great scouts and coaches earn their money picking out the ones that have extra stuff.

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I played college football and participated in the college combine. The 40 time is ok but the true test is the Pro Shuttle Run. That measures quickness but also measures lateral movement, which in the NFL, one has to have.

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I'm all for making the combine more like a child's birthday party.  Pin the tail on the donkey to evaluate spatial awareness.  Water balloon toss to assess the "softness" of receivers' hands.  Sack races for, well, I'm not sure what, but I'd pay good money to see O-linemen do a 40-yard sack race.

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Add inflatable bounce houses for verticals

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Andrew Luck ran a faster time then Johnny Manziel did.  Is that not crazy, I thought Manziel was much faster than that


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not really and Luck isn't exactly a stiff board. He can run pretty well too.

but Manziel killed it in the shuttle and 3 cone, because he is quicker than he is fast. He has much better twitch movements than straight away speed.


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Andrew Luck can scoot, man. Watch a Colts game sometime lol.

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I'm a jets fan, so i'm open to watching any team lol


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My biggest complaint is how the 40 starts. Only receivers run 40 yards in that style. Make it a 50 yard dash and only time the last 40. That makes it a true measurement of speed. There's other drills to measure quickness. 

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I would be more of a fan of doing it track sprint style just without the blocks.  Go on a gun; measures a player's reaction time and also is more precise compared to the quasi-electronic timing they use now.

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That also works. There's too much variance in the start in the current format. I doubt they change it though. Currently, it's a decent measuring stick versus previous combines. 

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I firmly agree that they should have some sort of pads on. I think that they should at least wear shoulder pads and helmets. This would be a better indication of what they can do with pads considering most of the positions that are really fast don't put pad sin their pants. The 40 is only an indication of speed and who has that explosiveness! It shouldn't skyrocket someone from the 3rd round to the 1st. You should be looking at film for this, but a great 40 time might get the teams to look at your game tape a few more times.

I also think they should do some sort timed reactionary test. I know they do shuffle drills and cone drills... but they should get a machine that tests their reactionary time like the one the Buckeyes have!!

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I was thinking the same things watching the QB's throw.  I would like to see them put on the shoulder pads at least. 

I believe the SEC players put their pants on one leg at a time like we do.

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Shoulder pads are created to be so raised off the shoulder for qbs any more that it's almost like not having them on. I graduated high school just a few years ago and as a qb there I can tell you I probably had 90% complete range of motion with the special qb pads on. I dont really think shoulder pads on qb would matter too much.


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To many people group speed and quickness together. The 40 measures pure speed which IMO really only effects special teams where players are playing in open space. Jam a receiver with no quickness and he never gets off the line.

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I would have loved to have seen a Teddy Ginn vs. Joey Galloway 40 race.

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He looks like he just done with the "Bat Spin Race" at baseball games

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The 40 helps to determine quickness and the strength of the achilles. The achilles is about the most important thing when it comes to movement. The 40 is less about speed on the field, and having pads on only slows one by about .15 to .2 of a second; pads don't weigh that much. 

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while the 40 isn't practical for every position such as o-line. de/olb'ers have been greatly effected by what their 40 time is. rb/fb's have been effected as well. so its not going away anytime soon. other positions are effected as well. it makes a lot of guys a lot of money.

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Best 40 yd dash gif EVER. Rich Eisen vs. Dri Archer.


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Rich can start at the 30.