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Tressel and Urbans 2 deep.

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February 20, 2014 at 1:30am

My brother and I got into the discussion about what would the best two deep depth chart look like since Tressel took over. This is what we came up with. Im interested in what changes you all would make. It would have Urban's offense with a 4-3 defense. A player being injury prone is not taken into effect, all players are equal in that way. And yes I am aware of the amount of free time on my hands.

QB-Troy Smith (most accurate OSU qb during the span and can run)                                        

Craig Krenzel (gotta have a smart, tough back up, who can win if needed)

HB- Beanie Wells (Big, fast and all out beast, most athletic HB since Eddie)  

Carlos Hyde (Can you imagine having to stop this duel headed attack)

WR X- Santonio Holmes (Amazing route runner and game breaking ability)         

Anthony Gonzalez (Very dependable, quick and great hands)

WR Y- Mike Jenkins (Most clutch receiver in OSU history, great route runner, 6'4)

DeVier Posey (Tall, fast and good route runner, came up big in many games)

Percy Harvin- Ted Ginn Jr. (Do I need to say anything else other than fast?)                      

Antonio Pittman  (Very quick, good break away speed and above average hands)

TE- Ben Hartsock (Great blocker, above average receiver, came up big when needed)

Jake Ballard (Just watch the 09 Rose bowl for why he is on here)

LT- Kirk Barton (Huge man, gave up something like 1 or 2 sacks his senior year)  

Shane Olivea (Dependable blind side, good pass blocker)

LG- Rob Simms (Allowed zero sacks his last year)                                                      

Steve Rehring (Another huge man, 3 year starter)

C- LeCharles Bentley (played one year under Tressel but was amazing)                      

Nick Mangold (Most likely #1 on almost every other team)

RG- Adrien Clarke ( Great run blocker, pathed the way for Mighty Mo)                    

Marcus Hall (Great run blocker, One finger salute vs *ichigan deserves to be on here)

RT- Alex Boone (Another huge man, second team All America senior year)                  

Mike Adams (Very athletic, not very smart, but good lineman)


DE- Will Smith (Put constant pressure on Dorsey, great pass rusher)                          

John Simon (Great leader, had an amazing engine)

RDT- Cameron Heyward (Man child, reminds me of what Bosa might end up like)

Jonathan Hankins (Very big, strong and quick on his feet)

LDT- Darrion Scott (Force in the middle during the NC run)                                            

Tim Anderson (Helped Scott clog the middle during that run)

DE- Vernon Gholston (Absolute beast, had everything, strength, speed, etc)            

Thaddeus Gibson (Smaller but very quick and had great use of hands)

SAM- Bobby Carpenter (Part of the 'Long Hair Dont Care' animals at LB)                

Marcus Freeman (Solid LB, Good coverage skills and pretty fast)

MIKE- James Laurinaitis (Tackling machine, 3x All American)                                        

Matt Wilhelm (Controlled the best defense ever assembled at OSU)

WILL- AJ Hawk (Most athletic linebacker to ever come through, Amazing pass rusher)

Ryan Shazier (Extremely fast, instinctive and like Laurinaitis, tackling machine)

CB- Chris Gamble (Shut down corner, Could play anywhere on the field)                  

Derek Ross (Seven picks his Junior year in 01)

SS- Mike Doss (Hard Hitting, Ball Hawking, All American beast. My favorite player)

Donte (W)Hitner (Another hard hitting safety, who could cover)

FS-Kurt Coleman (Based his game off Doss and it showed)                                    

Donnie Nickey (3 year starter, played very well next to Doss and during the 02 run)

CB- Malcolm Jenkins (Great coverage skills, fast, 3 year starter)                              

Bradley Roby (2nd team All American, amazing special team player, won by default) 


PK- Mike Nugent (Could Not Miss)

P- Andy Groom (Clutch punter, kicked the hell out of the ball)

Returner- Ted Ginn Jr (look up records if not aware)

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I love Hyde ... I love Beanie ..... but if I need to win a game at the tailback position during the Tressel era I'm starting pre-problems Mo C every time and twice on Saturday - dude was a freak.  If injury/trouble kept him off the list that's fair enough, but in his element he was great.

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MoC had. It. ALL. One drive to win the game I'd take him every single time of all the backs that have came through Columbus since Tressel began, too. The race for 2nd between Wells and Hyde is too close for me to say.


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Reading this list of names brought up a feeling of nostalgia, which is cool, but odd at the same time because of the amount of time I spend on places like 11w. Seeing so many older names I am familiar with just brings back good memories, and makes me excited for how good we can be in the near future seeing as how we are out recruiting what Tress was able to do here on a consistent basis, although who knows how they will pan out in a couple years. Really cool post, I agree with almost everything on here.

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Pryor over Krenzel.  And if I'm running Urban's spread O, I may have him start over T. Smith.  If not, I'll have a special package of plays that Pryor can get on the field to both play QB and a lil WR, especially down on the goal line such as he did in the Fiesta Bowl vs Texas.

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I think you did an awesome job only changes I would make to yours:

  • Pryor over Krenzel- Pryor was way to talented he took us to 3 back to back to back BCS bowls. He would have won all 3 if we could make a tackle vs Texas
  • Hyde and Beanie would be co-starters for me 
  • Pittman- maybe its just me but I remember Pittman as an average at best kind of guy. I feel like I would rather put a guy like Brandon Saine there whose talent was underutilized than a guy who was talent was fully utilized and given a ton of opportunity and was just average.  
  • Jack Mewhort deserves to be on there somewhere, Marcus Hall does not
  • John Simon deserves to be starting, one could make an argument Hankins does too but Simon for sure. 
  • Have a feeling Spence and Bosa may be on there after both finish their careers. 
  • Because Roby had a rough last year I might have him and Chekwa as co-second team
  • Cam Johnson- would be my punter even after one year, his leg power and accuracy are ridiculous. 

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

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I'd put Pittman in over Saine.  I liked Saine but never felt like he lived up to the Hype... had some good games and runs, but mostly just felt like a 'meh' player for me.  Pittman on the other hand averaged over 1300 yards rushing and 10 TDs his last 2 years in CBus.  I'd have to go with him over Saine personally.

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Pretty good list. A few changes:




And I just want to throw out that Bosa will be better than Heyward, IMO.

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Clarrett should be in the rotation.

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While I am in full agreement with some above who like Pryor over Krenzel...there something to be said for a guy who won the NC. Krenzel had no problem with winning a lot of games. I'd say Pryor was one of the best players OSU ever had - but I still might be tempted to take Krenzel as the backup. 

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This is like taking Aaron Craft over Russell Westbrook.

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It's actually more like taking Aaron Craft over a Mike Conley Jr. as the subject is the best players from various positions at the same school. However, As Craft is equated to Krenzel in the analogy & Craft hasn't won a NC, It's not really a valid analogy. But I digress...

What I'm really saying is that I want a guy like Krenzel on this fantasy team, backing up, while I want Troy or Pryor starting. I have a soft spot for the guy who brought OSU it's only NC in my lifetime. That's all.

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Nice post MacG, and yes you have some time on your hands! Then again, so do I, reading it, analyzing/comparing, thinking about my own list. Oh well, only conclusion I can come to is that we are very spoiled as fans when you look at the players on your list as well as other posters. Feels pretty good!

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I realize this is just hypothetical and all, but I'd never pick Pryor for any team I was building.  Yes the NCAA rules are a joke, but too much drama.  I'm fine with Krenzel as the backup.  I'd say Troy is by far the #1 QB anyway.

I think I'd already take Bosa and Spence over Gholston.  Too inconsistent.

Good post though.  Lots of great players to choose from.

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did you seriously put a position name as "Percy Harvin". and not just that but put Ted Ginn in a position named after a player from another team for a position that really should be named after him!

just call it SLOT BACK for crying out loud. damn!


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Calm your self, jeez, it is actually listed as H-B on the depth chart but not many would know what that means, and yes percy made that position famous, not Ginn because he never played it, He was split out most of his career. And no I wont call it slot back. Take your negative crap to a different forum. 


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So you are saying Ginn "never played it", yet you put him in the position anyways! yeah, okay.

I know it is listed as H-B, which stands for H-back, but traditionally an H-back is a converted TE or fullback. So really what position Percy played was more of a slot back. Much like a slot receiver only they are more like a running back than a wideout, as you pointed out that Ginn "never played".

and its not negativity, its pointing out that every other position you put you actually DID put the position name, but for this one you decided to call it after a player that wasn't even a Buckeye.

but you are correct, I should have never even commented or read it because your list is ridiculous to begin with. I just left others to point that out and decided to laugh at you calling a position "Percy Harvin".

FYI, Ginn wouldn't work in your "percy" position in the first place! He isn't even close to being a running back, so why put him there. Brandon Saine would be the closer example since he did run, catch screens, split out wide sometimes and pretty much did everything that Mr. Harvin did. but since Urban Meyer is now the OSU coach, we must name positions after players he coached before because...I have no F'in Idea why!

so just call it H-B then!

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Yes I put him there because he would of been perfect for that position, A position that only an idiot would not think he would succeed at. That position was never really utilized in an offense until Percy Harvin made it famous at Florida, in Urban Meyer's offense. Yes Ginn never played, but if Tressel ran Meyer's spread offense I'm sure he would of been the H-B. I am not quite sure why you are getting so worked up over that position name, maybe you are on your period, maybe you lost your job or maybe you just suck at life and hate everything. Actually you were the only negative comment, so I dont think too many people are 'laughing' at it.


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I'm in the "who cares" camp on this issue, but, for the sake of context, the whole "Percy Harvin name for the position at Ohio State" thing has been a lightning rod for people on this site from the moment Urban was hired ..... there have been threads devoted to being angry about other threads that use Percy Harvin's name for the position, and so forth (all on old site) .... in other words, it's an issue that strikes a nerve with some and will probably always strike a nerve ... ... this is just the latest evidence of a couple year old ongoing argument.  It's sort of like saying "Fire Fickell."  I say it all the time and I routinely get DV'd for it.  When you advocate calling our position the "Percy Harvin position," it's going to bring a certain response from some people ..... just like saying "Fire Fickell."  It's just the way it goes around here. 

Yeti's have feelings too.

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Thank you for your insite, I was not aware of that, had I known I would not have used it. My apologies to whom I have offended. 


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I didn't say Ginn wouldn't succeed there, I am saying he is a receiver, not a running back. Ginn rarely carried the ball and when he did, it was a reverse. You never saw him lineup in the backfield next to the QB. He was more of a bubble screen specialist than a hybrid running back.

and the position wasn't born the second Percy Harvin played in it. Percy did not make the position famous. There have been many players who worked in that capacity before Harvin. Only those who have paid attention to the last decade of football think that Harvin invented it.

That is why many, and I mean many, think it is inaccurate to label the position after a single player instead of calling it by its real name. Saying said player is the next Harvin doesn't really bother me because then you are comparing him to a guy who was good at what he does. Its calling the position itself that is annoying. Its like calling all shooting guards the Michael Jordan position, which actually would be more fitting than labeling a decent player who had skill but wasn't transcendent as the position name.

and this isn't worked up, THIS IS WORKED UP. My point is that you made the effort to label every other position by the accurate name (which I give kudos to you for that because many would have just said WR 1, WR 2), but then you get lazy and call the position Percy Harvin. and not even "The Percy Harvin position", no just "Percy Harvin".

and I think Ginn himself would be insulted that you would name a position after Harvin but not one after him, who is an all-time great at OSU. Its like saying Braxton Miller is a poor mans Devin Gardner! Ginn did stuff that Harvin didn't do.

funny though, I criticize your post and you attack me personally and I am the one who is worked up. FYI, I have a very nice job.

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It's neither listed as H-Back, nor is it called H-Back. H-backs are tight ends who play a mix of tight end and fullback out of the shotgun. The official position is called WR-H, meaning hybrid receiver.

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but its not a hybrid wide receiver, its a hybrid running back. Most of the plays used for Harvin and now Dontre are more as running backs than receivers. They are running backs that can move around than a receiver who can carry the ball.

and that is exactly what I said above too that H-backs are not the same position.

I have always called it as a slot back. Just like a slot receiver, they don't play the position naturally as it should. they are hybrids but the position is more of a hybrid running back than a receiver, so i went with slot back.

I just think that whatever he wants to call it, there are many better names than just calling it a single player's who wasn't even on the team.


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I don't think Shazier and Hyde should be on here. Hyde had, like, ten carries under Tressel, and Shazier never played a down under Tressel unless we're counting spring games here.

Anyways, I'll go ahead and try Urban's two-deep

QB: Alex Smith/Tim Tebow (Tough to pick a starter, Braxton could get up there though)

RB: Carlos Hyde, ??? (DeShawn Wynn? Jordan Hall? Marty Johnson?)

TE: Aaron Hernandez, Jeff Heuerman

WR-X: Riley Cooper, Andre Caldwell

WR-Z: Parris Warren, Steve Savoy

WR-H: Percy Harvin, Jeff Demps/Chris Rainey? Philly Brown?

LT: Jack Mewhort, Phil Trautwein

LG:  Andrew Norwell, Carl Johnson

C:  Maurkice Pouncey, Jesse Boone

RG: Mike Pouncey, Chris Kemoeatu

RT: Reid Fragel, ???


DE: Carlos Dunlap, Derrick Harvey

DE: John Simon, Jonathan Fanene

DT: Ray McDonald, Sione Pouha

DT: Jonathan Hankins, Sharif Floyd

OLB: Ryan Shazier, Spencer Toone

OLB: Jelani Jenkins, ??

MLB: Brandon Spikes, Jon Bostic

CB: Jonathan Haden, Janoris Jenkins

CB: Bradley Roby, Ahmad Black

S: Major Wright, Will Hill

S: Eric Weddle, Reggie Nelson

K: Drew Basil

P: Chas Henry?

To be fair, I only looked through the rosters of 3 Florida teams to make this list. Didn't look at his BGSU team. The secondary is flat-out ridiculous, as is the d-line and the receivers.

I'd give Urban's teams the edge at QB, WR, TE, LT, LG, RG, DE, MLB, one corner spot and probably safety, too, although Doss was a monster for Tressel.

When I walked in this morning and saw the flag was at half mast I thought, "Alright, another bureaucrat ate it." but then I saw it was Li'l Sebastian. Half mast is too high. Show some damn respect.

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I like how you made one for Meyer's career, but I think you read mine wrong, Its a two deep for Tressel and Urban's teams at OSU, so Hyde and Shazier would qualify. But whether you think they belong, thats why I made this. 


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Do you add Cam Newton into Meyer's 2-deep since he did commit to Urban at UF?  He did play a little as the back up QB to Tebow as a freshman and probably would have played more his soph season if he didn't get hurt and take a medical RS.

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PS I'd add DT Dominique Easley to that list as well as S Matt Elam.  Elam was a 1st rounder and had a pretty good rookie year for the Ravens, and Easley had a chance to be a 1st rounder until he got hurt after a few games this past season. 

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In college Tebow was simply better than Smith, his record speaks for itself.

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Great players and loved watching them all.  I have a feeling this list looks a little different in 2 to 3 years. 

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Nicely said - Urbs likes the speedy speedsters