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The Hive

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February 8, 2014 at 8:07am

Does anyone else out there miss the pregame "hive" from the Tress era?

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I definitely miss "The Hive." For years, when coupled with Hells Bells, it was one of those things that gave me goosebumps and got me so pumped up for the game. I cannot say the same for the new Quick Cal "tradition." I would switch back to The Hive in a heartbeat if I had a choice. 

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Quick cals are weak, IMHO. Hive over Cals is about the only thing I'd take from Tressel over Meyer.

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I would DEFINITELY take Tressel's defenses from his first 2 seasons at The Ohio State University over Meyer's.


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Moopdawg bringing it strong - nice bold comment and what's up with the handle?

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Hahaha ... Moop is short for my last name, and it's what the brothers back home called me.  A nickname that stuck.

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Thanks for the info - that nickname is catchy, When I was on the hockey team - Everyone knew each other by our nicknames. Linga is part of my last name as well

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The hive, hands down!!!

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Definitely hive

Yeti's have feelings too.

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Hive, no question

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Yes. Quick Cals doesn't have the same effect..

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I was skeptical that the Quick Cals would "show the relationship between our student body...and our football team” as Urban said when they were first instituted.  They may do a bit of that, but they really don't create the same kind of buzz that the Hive did.

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Forget them both and just do the bit from Remember the Titans.

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Quick cals blow, but I wouldn't mind if they kept it if the students like it.  But without a doubt, Hells Bells yeah, BRING BACK THE HIVE!

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From a fan perspective, the hive was better. I have to think quick cals get the team going better though. 

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We need to start a bring back The Hive petition. Keep the Quick Cals if the players like it but give the fans what they want coach.

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i think our entrance could use a little sharpening up…the stadium expansion will help as it will make the ramps into tunnels. 

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More than "The Hive" I miss when the Buckeyes would first come out to "We Ready" by Archi. That coupled with Hells Bells would pumped me up beyond belief. Here is a link if anybody doesn't remember the song. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cw6e8_RoV18

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The walk-out song this year really sucked. I actually liked the Avicii Levels one from 2012, but I think something like this would be better.

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Do both it only takes a few awesome blood pumping moments to do the Hive

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But the quick cals are really just a waste of that time, maybe do the hive twice instead?

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GO BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Big Cam looks like he is ready to destroy someone there.

If you always put limits on everything you do, physical or anything else, it will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.  ~ Bruce Lee

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The hive was about a thousand times more intimidating. 

Quick cals look like something the hoosiers basketball team probably did during the 50's to warmup.

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The Hive brings recruits to Ohio State !




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So does Urban !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

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I'd like to hear the players take on this topic.  Anyone have access to someone on the team?

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Meechy?  You there?

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Yea, The Hive and We Ready need to be there. Quick Cals are cool too though. Maybe all 3?


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The Hive, hands down. Quick Cals just don't do it for me. 

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I like that Quick Cals get the student section involved, but the hive is way more badass. Solution: Bring the hive back and have the student section breakdown lock arms and rock back and forth. 

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Let's hope we see a change back to the hive. Music, crowd, 105K plus screaming, players, craziness ensues = very intimidating atmosphere.

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It is also time to end Seven Nations Army.  What say you?  It's too soccer stadium-ish.

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Nah, it is awesome IMO. Gets the place rocking.

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Im all for getting the Students involved,we need the excitement and energy they bring in. Lets face it The Ohio State University has a massive alumni many whom are older and buy the majority of tickets.

I would love to see the Hive return and at the same time make the connection with the students thru the stadiums PA guy.

He is the "hype man"

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This would be cool, instead.


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Actually, Hawaii does that too. The All Blacks are known for doing it before all their Rugby games. I saw it in person and it's pretty intense!!

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If you went to basketball games, you would realize the Hive is alive and well in the student section.

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Is there a reason that they can't do both the Hive and Quick Cals?  After all, I thought they did the Hive when coming out onto the field for warmups, and Quick Cals before they head back to the locker room after warmups.


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<posted twice>


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As 713 said above, the students really get into The Hive before basketball games.  I'm sure it could carry over into The Shoe.  It was pretty damn cool to see on Tuesday.