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Myles Turner

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April 30, 2014 at 10:09am

Does anyone know when Myles Turner is announcing today? Is it going to be televised?

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4pm. ESPNU. Google is your friend.


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Ya I fully admit to laziness. I also posted this to get some conversation going about him because I didn't see a thread.

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Isn't it harder to create a forum than it is to type "miles turner announcement" into google?

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Lol ya I guess. I'm still kind of out of it today. Was up kind of late last night.

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Rule #76: No excuses; play like a champion!


If you jiggle your monitor, does that make a jiggly gif?

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Kansas all the way...but holding out hope that he pulls a shocker!

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As a big Jayhawk fan I hope you are right, but it seems to be trending Texas over the last month.  I'd be shocked if he picks anyone but UT.

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I'm just curious and I am in no way trying to rip you for it or anything, but how are you an Ohio State football fan (I'm making an assumption because you are on this board and have a profile picture of Brutus), but a Kansas basketball fan?



And when we win the game, we'll buy a keg of boooooooooze!! And we'll drink to old Ohio 'till we wobble in our shoes.

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who cares? he isn't going to be a Buckeye 

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I'll eat crow right there with you if the time arises, but I agree with you.

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Things not to hold: your breath.

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Do we really need this whole show before it?


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He's committed to Texas.

Trust in UFM

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Texas is a bit of a surprise but good for them. At least it wasnt Duke or KU.

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