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looking forward to 2014-15

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March 20, 2014 at 11:39pm

The best thing to do in a time like this is to just look forward and pretend like it never happened....so with that said, let's look forward to next year.

PG:  Shannon Scott, Senior; D'Angelo Russell, Freshman- I think it is going to be interesting to see how the offense runs with Scott and Russell.  It seemed at times this year, scUM game in the B1G for example, that the offense seemed to flow better this year w/Scott at the helm instead of Craft.  Russell is going to bring an element that we haven't seen at PG since the days of Mike Conley, except he is a better shooter but a lesser defender.  Hopefully Scott can improve his consistency in his outside shot and his free throws.

SG:  Amadeo Della Valle, Junior; Kam Williams, Redshirt Freshman; Jae'sean Tate, Freshman- This is a position that frightens me a little.  I don't think ADV is starter material, either offensively or defensively.  Kam is still an unknown at this point, and Tate is a freshman so who knows what we'll get there.  Ultimately I would like to see Kam step up and take this spot as he can score from outside, score off the dribble and can drive as well.  He is a little undersized for a SG but I think he is our best option.

SF:  Sam Thompson, Senior; Keita Bates-Diop, Freshman; This might be the position that brings the most excitement in the next year or 2.  Thompson has shown flashes of being a guy who can be a leader for this team.  Consistency with his jumper(seems to be a recurring theme here) is something I'd like to see, but his ability to get to the hole is a plus.  He also needs to work on his free throw shooting, but you can apply this to almost anyone on the team.  KBD is a guy who I think is going to make an instant impact.  He, like Williams, can shoot, drive and create his own shot.  He will be a matchup nightmare as he is 6'7 and should grow another inch or 2.  If LQR decides to leave early, he will see more time at the 4 instead of the 3.

PF/4:  LaQuinton Ross, Senior; Marc Loving, Sophomore- I really hope someone gets in LQR's ear and convinces him to stay.  This kid has a ton of potential, which makes him so frustrating as he rarely puts it all together for long stretches at a time. He can hit the outside shot, can dribble/drive and create his own shot and works hard in the post to score.  His defense, or lack thereof, is a major problem as he is consistently getting beat.  If he comes back we can be a contender; if not things may get interesting.  McLovin started out playing well but seemed to hit a wall and wasn't the same down the stretch.  The talent/potential is obvious, but he has a lot of growing to do, and I mean that mentally.  His basketball IQ is less than stellar.  He does have a lot of upside, though.  He can occasionally hit the outside shot, has the size to be an inside threat and can hit free throws.  He has a lot of growing to do, but I think he can be a valuable backup to LQR and will hopefully grow enough to take that starting role in 2015-16.

C:  Amir Williams, Senior; Trey McDonald, Senior; Dave Bell, Freshman- Ugh.  I mean, seriously, ugh.  Honestly, part of me thinks Amir will not even be back next year.  I hope that A) Dave Bell progresses quickly and 2) Myles Turner picks tOSU.  We need a dominant big man in the worst way.

Well there ya have it, one simple man's opinion about next year's basketball Buckeyes.  Let me know what you guys are thinking and where I'm right or wrong.

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If we can land a BIG or two - we will be fine. Watching the BIGS from Texas and ASU and I am sick to my stomach because they are not the best or the most athletic - but they have so much energy and come to play every game.

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I think instead of ADV starting at SG, we might see thompson, loving, or possibly rusell there. I like ADV as an energy guy coming off the bench to hit the three as well. I just really hope Amir FINALLY gets it. Watching him play this year was painful to say the least.

pat cozzens

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A leopard doesn't change its stripes...

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Also Tate injured his shoulder, so hopefully he's fully recovered.

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I think Russell starts at SG. He provides the offense and Scott provides the D. If we get Turner we win the NC

"I'm not going to lie. We're anxious to be a part of a matchup like that. It's two states that love the game of football." -Jim Tressel

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I don't know why you would be frightened about SG. Russell will start there. He will provide an offensive spark while Scott will start at PG and provide the defense. Thomspon will start at the 3 and I think Ross comes back and starts at the 4. Center I have no idea. It might be Amir if we can't land Myles Turner which really sucks. Overall, I think we will be an improved offensive team next year.

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yeah I was under the impression that it's pretty much a given that russell will be starting at the 2, unless something goes unexpected.

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I see next years team being more frustrating than this year. At this point Thompson is the only guy I have confidence in and he's still very inconsistent. Shannon Scott couldn't have pick a worse time to fall apart after his great performance against UM. I think Russel starts along side Scott next year.

Ross is a ? until we know his intentions. Diop should step in and start and Loving needs to develop his game and body for BIG 10 play. Della Valle will be a nice spark and should always be able to provide valuable points and minutes off the bench.

McDonald should start at C by default because he's the best of the worst.

Amir should volunteer for the Mission to Mars.

Overaall I see us finishing in mid to bottom of the conference and get an NIT bid.


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I think the Turner discussion is pointless right now. I have not heard any indications that OSU is a realistic landing spot. I could be wrong here, but in looking forward to next year, let's focus on what we're sure to have, which is still a talent, Sweet 16, and depending on the seeding, possible Elite 8 team.

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." - Winston Churchill

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Still look for a possible big man graduate transfer to OSU.  They've been in the conversation with several guys over the years, but never got one to decide on OSU.  I would not be surprised if this is the year (barring Myles Turner committing to OSU).  I've already heard the name Anthony Lee from Temple, who averaged nearly 14 ppg and 9 rpg this season.  He's considering a lot of schools including IU, Maryland, and OSU, with IU apparently the favorite at this point.

I would assume Scott, Russell, Thompson, Ross, and Amir (or Turner/transfer if either happen) will be the starters next year.  I think Kam Williams will be a huge addition as well.  Matta mentioned a few times this year that he thought about throwing him in there because the team needed scoring.  I don't know if he'll play strictly the 2 guard role, or if he'll play some point to have the ball in his hands.

Hopefully the freshmen come in ready to compete.  Russell, KBD, and Tate are all talented guys who could make huge contributions to the team next year, if healthy.  I doubt Bell will see much if any time, but who knows if his only competition is Amir and Trey.

woodi19's picture

Anthony Lee would be the major addition (athletic big man with some heart) this team needs for the upcoming season.  I have seen the kid play, but I can't seem to find season highlights anywhere.  Anyone help with a link?

tennbuckeye19's picture

Are you talking about the transfer from Temple? He's got a long list of schools after him. And Matta supposedly talked to him yesterday.

Seattle Linga's picture

This would be a great addition

buckeyeEddie27's picture

You make some good points but I strongly disagree about your comments concerning Loving's Basketball IQ.   IIRC Thad was quoted saying the exact opposite, mentioning Loving specifically having great basketball IQ. 

I hope Bell comes in, sees the dumpster fire that is our big man situation and just takes over.  I mean honestly, he doesn't have to be that good to supplant Amir or Trey.

I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.

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PG- Scott, SG- Russell SF- Thompson PF- Ross C- Williams

Key Bench: PG- K. Williams SG- Tate SF- Bates-Diop PF- Loving C- McDonald

"The height of human desire is what wins, whether it's on Normandy Beach or in Ohio Stadium." - Woody Hayes

Seattle Linga's picture

I'm really excited to watch Loving's game develop over the next three years. Kid has the ability to be a star.

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HattanBuck85's picture

If Ross leaves, then it becomes: PG: Scott, SG: Russell, SF: Thompson, PF: Loving, C: Williams. It will be very interesting if we can get PF/C Anthony Lee from Temple. 

If Ross comes back and Amir continues to slouch, I could see us using a pretty small lineup of: PG: Scott, SG: Russell, SF: Thompson, PF: Loving, PF/C: Ross. If Lee comes in w/ Ross staying, then it becomes: PG: Scott, SG: Russell, SF: Thompson, PF: Ross, C: Lee.

"The height of human desire is what wins, whether it's on Normandy Beach or in Ohio Stadium." - Woody Hayes

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BME had a scholarship grid thread on the old site, but it didn't carry over.

SENIORS - Scott (starter - PG), Thompson (starter - SF), Williams (starter, I guess? - C), McDonald (warm body - C)


SOPHS - Loving (starter (?) - PF)

FROSH - Russell (starter - SG), Williams (RS) (backup SG / could compete with Russell perhaps for starting SG), Bates-Diop (off the bench), Tate (off the bench), Bell (Matta has said his plan is to redshirt him)

'14-'15 could be brutal if we don't get a late commitment from anyone for next year.

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ITT: People sleeping on Bates-Diop. Dude's going to be a monster.

When I walked in this morning and saw the flag was at half mast I thought, "Alright, another bureaucrat ate it." but then I saw it was Li'l Sebastian. Half mast is too high. Show some damn respect.

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Would not be surprised at all if Russell and Bates-Diop both started next year. The only thing that I have read that will hold these two back is the increased physicality from high school to college but hopefully intense workouts this summer and fall will fix that. My guess is that Scott will be at the point, Russell at the two, Bates-Diop, Thompson and Loving battling for the three and four spots (assuming Ross leaves) and Amir and Trey fighting for the five. If we got Lee, I think this team could be pretty darn good. Otherwise, I may find myself looking forward to 2015 with Harris, Mitchell, and hopefully Giddens, Bragg and/or Kennard coming in.


RedStorm45's picture

Any word on Mitchell flipping to stay back home?  I know there were some rumblings about that after Mike transferred.

mh277907's picture

I haven't heard of anything but no news is good news, I would think. Obviously and most importantly, I hope all is well with his family situation but it would be really nice to see him in S&G.


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Here is a good read on the 2014 and 2015 class that states Mitchel is has reaffirmed his commitment.


Mickey Mitchell (6'7 PF / Plano West, TX)

The No. 5 power forward in the 2015 class, Mitchell is a major piece to what Ohio State hopes to be a top recruiting class. At 6'7, Mitchell is extremely versatile and is one of the nation's top playmakers. Brother of former Ohio State linebacker Mike Mitchell, Mickey pledged to Ohio State last August, and has reaffirmed his commitment, despite the transfer of his older brother. A game-changing playmaker that will attract fellow top players to join him, Mitchell is the key piece to the 2015 class at the moment.

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My lineup is:

PG: Scott

SG: Russell

SF: Slam Thompson

PF: Bates Diop

C: Amir/Lee(temple dude if we get him)

first off bench Kam and loving, then bell,mcdonald,tate

lets go bucks!!

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Probably 2 new starters;  Russell and Lee with major minutes for Bates and Williams. Maybe 10 guys getting at least 10 min. a game.  Hopefully redshirt the big guy from Cleveland. We should have redshirted McDonald his frosh year and had him for one extra year. Lets not make the same mistake again.  

Its good to be the king

buckeyeboy31's picture

They asked trey Mac to redshirt but he declined