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February 24, 2014 at 5:33pm

Just looked at the recently updated bracketology and I would die for this set up. It shows we are the six seed in the west playing BYU in the first round. A second round matchup with Virginia and a sweet sixteen match with Creighton, New Mexico or Baylor. The number one seed is Arizona, number four is SDSU and the five is North Carolina . Pretty much a region of overrated teams. Creighton would cause major problems if we played them, though. Hopefully this holds...


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You may consider them overrated but I don't. I personally think only the South is better than the West, according to his recent bracketology. UF, Duke, and a healthy MSU is a top-notch top 3 but Zona, Creighton, and UVA are a solid 3 teams too. I'm not saying OSU couldn't beat UVA and Creighton if they play a great game, but I think there are easier regions than the West.


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I think arizona's size would be problematic and that UNC is the most inconsistent but one of the best teams in the country. Virginia would be beatable and just limit McDermott and we would have a good chance. I think we could easily beat NM, Baylor or SDSU from what I have seen. They all have problems holding onto the ball which works in our favor so we can get out in transition

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I really think Florida is benefiting from a piss-poor SEC. If this were football and conference strength mattered in regular season voting, Florida may get jumped by teams with more losses. I'd be happy if OSU got out of the 1st round with the lack of interior presence and inconsistent scoring. 

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Been saying this for a few weeks.  They have only played 1 ranked team since Dec. 21.  Arizona will be the overall number 1 seed as long as they don't stub their toe (look at RPI) and I think WSU is right there with UF, if not better.

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On the USA Today Bracketology we don't even make the tournament, but Iowa gets two chances. 


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Obviously Ohio and Iowa are the same state.  Also, didn't scUM lose to the Iowa St. Bobcats in the tournament that one time?

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That seems like a bit of an oversight… Not even on the "first 5 out" or "others considered"? gimme a break...

In case you're curious, it's Mr. Spray

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According to ESPN Minnesota is out and Tenn is in?  Pretty hilarious when comparing resumes.

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SEC!  SEC!  SEC!  

Wait, this isn't football?

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There are plenty of teams in there that scare me, but I don't think the setup matters much, it would stun me if OSU made the elite 8. The sweet 16 would seem like a success.