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OSU Track & Field - How much worse can things get???

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June 6, 2014 at 11:32am

Just saw this on letsrun.

Coach Bethea is leaving to take an assistant position At Indiana BECAUSE IT PAYS MORE(!?!?!) he's also taking Coach Allen with him (distance coach).  It was only a couple years ago they let go of Robert Gary (because he had shown interest in the Furman gig) and OSU had a difficult time gaining interest from any of the big names due to the salary offered.  Don't forget that Khadevis Robinson took off for LSU for a pay raise as well.  

Why isn't the OSU brass taking care of CC/T&F? We're practically kick ass in every other Olympic/low-revenue sport!


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because Gene Smith doesn't get a bonus if they win.

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Simple solution, hire Coack Marioti. He can honeymoon as T&F Coach in between making beasts in the football weightroom.

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For as much money as the athletic program makes, it's a shame that assistant coaches at other B1G schools get paid more than the OSU HC. Open up the checkbook Gene, this is embarrassing.

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Good point 703 - it's too bad we have anyone leaving for lower ranked colleges.

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Run faster!


I always felt bad for track guys. I thought that running was something you did to stay in shape for other sports.


High and tight boo boo

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So this is why we couldn't get Tony Brown

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Go to the State track meet and watch all the talent that is going elsewhere. Its embarrassing. Something needs to change.


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Bethea has not done a good job anyway, so that's not really a loss IMO.  But Gene does need to hire a top notch coach this time.  Too much Ohio talent going elsewhere.

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I have a friend that runs for the women's team and she posted an article that said that Dennis will now be "Director" of the men's and women's CC/TF teams.. 

Maybe this is to combine it all and pay slightly more so they don't have to pay another coach. 


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Update: all the speedsters are playing with Urban. 

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It was only a couple years ago they let go of Robert Gary (because he had shown interest in the Furman gig)

That's not true.

Gary was a good coach, but he was dismissed for a number of reasons. A lot of controversy seems to follow his wife, who was trying to get back into coaching. It has been speculated that Gary accepted the Furman gig on the condition that his wife be given an assistant position. This can't be proven but Gary is currently the Furman Head Coach and his wife is an assistant. 

Financial improprieties also followed Gary's departure at tOSU regarding personal expenditures and withholding proceeds from meet fees. All in all it ended up being $6,200 that Gary returned the university and left for Furman.

College track and field is a different beast, it doesn't follow the normal pattern of college sports like say football and basketball. Indoor/Outdoor, sponsors, individual athletes have trainers, often partake in training programs outside of the school. Not saying tOSU shouldn't strive to be the best, it's just a different beast.

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 Contrary to what anyone says,  track & field at OSU is given low level status. Go back thirty years or more and you can follow the super Ohio track athletics out of state. Much like in football, OSU could be a BIG Conference Champion or runner up with  home grown talent alone.

I hate to watch the BIG championship and see schools like Minnesota, Wisconsin, PSU and some others put three , four of five athletes in the same event. OSU might have one entry and that entry really isn't even a D1 talent.

Watching the  Ohio High School Championships you might have 4-5 boys high jumpers jump 6'8" or more. I didn't see a single 6'6' jumper this season , not counting Devin Smith. I could go on almost forever on this topic.