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an OSU fan living in Ann Arbor, that about sums it up. Go Bucks!


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Comment 21 May 2015
Gotta go Demps, Campbell, Samuel and Harvin with Zeke as the alternate. Pop off Demps because he's the fastest and you can cheat the exchanges so he runs over 100m, then let's roll with Harvin 2nd to kill the straight away and we front load this thing. Campbell can be 3rd and similarly to what we did up front, I'm doing on the backend with Samuel whose been praised by staff to be a great north/south runner - which to me means little wasted movement and great transfer of linear speed. Zeke was a former 110 hurdler and good 110 hurdlers have no drive phase and get out quick, I trust guys like that with a baton. #winning
Comment 16 Feb 2015

You can go through almost every D1-A teams on www.trackingfootball.com. This is quite the topic of discussion amongst high school T&F and Football coaches right now (promotion of multi-sport athletes), especially in the Midwest. 

Comment 27 Nov 2014

If any of you guys are interested, I will be watching our boys on Saturday at High Tops 10 & 1/2 in Royal Oak.  Looks to be very Buckeye-friendly!


Comment 11 Sep 2014

97.1 out of Detroit was on a big *itch and vent fest yesterday. Many Michigan Men finally figuring it out that Hoke isn't their guy and there are more problems to the program - can't blame it on Rich Rod. Pretty amusing and interesting to hear.  Big question was, what if they win every game, including a bowl game but lose to Sparty and Ohio  State (which they will) does Brady Hoke stay?

Comment 19 Jun 2014

Look at my alma mater balling out! I'm down for this, they need all the help they can get to not just create buzz but their own identity being all of 7 miles away from the maize and blue

Comment 18 Jun 2014

I think USC's fight song is second to none, absolutely kicks ass.

I dislike the OH-IO chant.

Nebraska fans are really nice people and I wish more fanbases were like them.

Love what Urban Meyer says to the team, but I can't get fired up by his voice and delivery.

I like to watch football with the TV on mute because 99% of The announcers are horrible, that thing ESPN did with the 4 Head Coaches for the recent National Title Game was very cool.

Have nothing against TP and hope that OSU/Cbus does him right and welcome him back.

Comment 11 Jun 2014

Still blows my mind that Rutgers got all the B1G Presidents and AD's all hot and heavy... what it is exactly that they're bringing to the table?  At least Maryland claims to offer crab-cakes AND football

Comment 11 Apr 2014

Got 3rd at the track state meet (1600m) as a sophomore, was boxed in (12th? 13th?) for 3 laps, luckily it was a tactical race (no one wanted to push the pace up front) and I managed to make up a good 30m and just missed out on the win by less than 2 seconds.  The whole way down the home stretch I kept looking down at the ground hoping not to see a shadow creep up on me.  Injury-filled running career after that. 

Comment 12 Mar 2014

Ironic that Lil Boosie is telling kids "to go on and wear that yellow jersey" while he wears a red and white shirt

Comment 08 Dec 2013

The whole staff?  A bit extreme.  LF, yes.  Soft zone calls and rarely blitzes has driven everyone (mostly fan base) crazy.  Coombs, not sure.  We all love his enthusiasm, but some simple mistakes by the CB's we've seen this season really bite the team in the @ss, but again, we all love his energy.  We as a fan-base (outsiders, at least me) do not really know the extent of Withers and his involvement in the play-calling, maybe for better or worse.  Vrable HAS to stay because of his recruiting and coaching abilities. 

Although LF took one for the team, it shouldn't play a factor in the judgment/review of his current position with the team. Don't try and tell us that the performance against Indiana was superb and wonderful. By that argument, who has a better O, MSU or Indiana? The same issues and mistakes (not with the kids, the play-calling) are being made from September of 2012 to December of 2013. 

I know that we as a fan-base should not be complaining about things such as this. Going 24-1 is no effing joke. It takes a lot of talent on the field, talent in coaching, general preparation and luck.  However, everyone is walking away tonight feeling hollow and empty because what many (I will admit, I was in denial and thought the Band-Aid on a gash wound was fine due to the O) thought was "writing on the wall" wasn't corrected - even this blog had a poll about what the D could ultimately lead to...  I voted "it could lead us to trouble" or whatever the answer was. 

Let's take a night/case of beers to pout and tomorrow we'll all get over it and move on to make a statement in whatever bowl game our beloved Buckeyes end up in.  They are 18-23 year old young-men, they need nothing but our (family, friends, alumni, fans, etc.) positive support. 

Go Buckeyes!

Comment 15 Nov 2013

Sparty by a country mile. In fact, this poll question should be...

"How hot does Pelini's seat get after this weekend?"

- Fourth Degree Burn

- Spilled hot coffee while driving

- Luke (Fickell) warm


**I actually like Luke Fickell, but I know how a good chunk of the fan base feel about him, so don't go all "Fire/Don't Fire Luke!@!%#" on me.