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August 24, 2014 at 9:31am

I'm watching the outside the line piece on Missouri and how a runningback for them assaulted women at least 4 times. He was never dismissed from the team and Gary  pinkel knew about it the entire time. He said he never did anything bc the charges were dropped but the report clearly stated that he had done these things. ( raped 2 girls and beat up the other 2). One of the girls was a soccer player and she dropped the charges because her coach said they would take her scholarship if she pressed charges. Now I'm sure many if you know that story but the point is why did the NCAA never do a single thing to punish that school for letting all of that go? The athletic department didn't do a single thing neither did Gary pinkel? Instead of actually punishing them they are more worried about teams like ohio state who had players sell their OWN stuff. That's absolutely rediculous to think of becuase on one side you have a player breaking the law four seperate times and on the other they aren't doing a single thing wrong. The school and NCAA needs to punish these football players like Jameis Winston and any other player that has assaulted women more for the reason to protect more women from the players! Obviously in the Missouri instants they didn't do a single thing and more women were hurt. It just blows my mind. 

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Yeah that is completely my fault. A little early for me. Brain fart guys sorry. Thanks for pointing that out to me. 

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Isn't Anderson the Wisconsin coach?

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Yes he obviously meant Gary Pinkel, but how does anyone make that mistake

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Stahp watching ESPN. 

As far as the sexual assaults, he (Derrick Washington) was never charged with any crimes, thus no need for suspension or punishment (though, the circumstances do sound very very suspect and the school failed to properly report the sexual assault charges as required by Title IX). As far as the two assault cases, he was charged and served jail time. 

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Neither was Carlos Hyde. 

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Perhaps the author of this was under the influence of drugs and or alcohol when watching this show. Lots of spelling errors and poor grammer. Gary Anderson never coached at mizzou either.

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Sorry. Thought I could just quickly type up something for what I was thinking and not get graded on it by other buckeye fans. My fault I hope I didn't fail your class man. 

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Speaking of spelling errors, I think you meant "grammar"

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But, but . . . Title IX, politics, Obamabots!

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Certainly the fans of the Ohio State Buckeyes wouldn't be surprised if ESPN had ulterior motives and political aims.  Would they?

In the meantime, James Taranto of the Wall Street Journal has this equally compelling flip side to the "Title IX politics" story.  Enjoy.  (I have posted this link a couple of times previously.)

Name a time and a place to have this debate in the open, and I'm there.

MGoBlog, I must say, is a lot less rational about touching the third rail of "politics" than is  The MGoModerators would ordinarily let a link like this "Outside the Lines" story pass, just as is happening here.  But if someone posted an equivalent link there on the opposing side of the issue (the conservative case questioning the Obama Administration's remarkable change in Title IX policy since April 2011), it would probably get taken down quickly.  It's the same with a lot of other social issues.  A thread joining in the national fiesta of praise for Michael Sam stays up; a thread noting the disparate media treatment of Tim Tebow and Michael Sam gets taken down.  "Politics" is defined selectively, and I think that the MGoModerators don't even deny it.  (It's their house and they make the rules.  Actually, it is Brian Cook's house but he lets the mods make most of the rules on the MGoBoard.) 

ElevenWarriors has been pretty admirable, in my view, in taking a measured and careful look at political subjects; at least I can speak for myself on this subject and say that I've been treated very fairly.

This time, I'll decline to take the political bait.  But again; to anybody who wants to supply the forum... I'm there. 

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You can't mix NCAA infractions with criminal charges. Unless it rises to PSU levels and violates the NCAA charter, you won't see action. The allegations at Vanderbilt concerning James Franklin are even more troubling. 

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