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Has the Conference realignment and expansion of past decade made them more interesting?

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March 9, 2014 at 8:04am

As far as men's basketball and football, I don't feel any more compelled to watch PAC 12, ACC, Big 12 or SEC tournaments or championship games and the Big East has become a dumpster fire.  Maybe the recent round of team movement is still too fresh and I'm still not familiar enough with who's where.  I definitely think that some of the rivalries that I grew up around, and am now missing, has actually dampened my enthusiasm some.

This time of year I'm missing a possible Syracuse/Georgetown game, and am not drawn to a possible North Carolina/Pitt game, and in the fall I've missed Oklahoma/Nebraska.

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I agree John. Maybe the realignments of the last few years will work out in the long run but....I also have lost interest when I see some of the "Big" games in Basketball and Football nowadays (yes I am old). Some of the traditional rivalries that have been killed (or lessened in importance) due to realignment has dampened my enthusiasm for the Basketball conference tournaments. And having Football conference championship games (or regular season games) between teams that are potentially 1000 miles away from each other has completely taken the Regional feel out of the big conferences. I liked it when at the end of a conference basketball or football season you could say that (insert team) is the best in the Midwest or that (insert team) is the best in the south..etc. But I definitely am old school when it comes to rivalries. Oklahoma vs. Nebraska in football is a great example.

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Given the fact Nebraska basketball is much more relevant now, the realignment has had more of an impact on basketball (may be due to just how good our conference is in the sport as compared to football). I wonder what it will do for both football and bball will the additions of Rutgers and Maryland. Will those two programs improve in football and make an impact on the rest of the B1G, will both improve (getting Maryland back to being a top program) in basketball and add further depth to the B1G? Nebraska's addition in football has really done nothing. They played in the B1G title game in 2013, but were destroyed by Bert and a Wisconsin team that was 3rd in the division. I expected Nebraska to be what Michigan State is, a legit player in recruiting and can challenge for the B1G and a BCS berth yearly. Sadly, they have been really nothing more than a decent team. Football wise, I don't think Rutgers will be that relevant in the B1G. They haven't been too terrible over the last decade, but they are still Rutgers and outside of an upset or two, I don't think they will make too much noise in the near future. They have a ton of high school talent in NJ, but its rare that you hear Rutgers signing any of the truly elite players in their home state. Maryland has a chance to improve itself as the state also has some great talent and if they can keep them at home, could cause problems for the B1G powers that will occupy the Eastern Division. IMO, Maryland is a more attractive destination for recruits than Rutgers, so I give them an edge in the ability to draw better talent. The issue for Rutgers and Maryland in football is an obvious one, the East is absolutely stacked. If Michigan can get back to being Michigan after a decade of underachievement then you figure: Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, and Penn State are too damn tough to be passed by Rutgers or Maryland. If either of those two finish in the top 3 in the division at any point, they should consider that to be a fantastic year. I think in the West, Rutgers and Maryland could very well push for a Division Title every so often, but it won't happen in the East unless all four of Michigan, MSU, OSU, and PSU have terrible seasons. Thus, if they do make an impact, it'll be basketball, where there is a ton of parity in the conference and even a school like Nebraska can be relevant. 

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You're looking at the wrong arena: the playing field is negotiation of the next B1G TV contract. That's why Maryland and Rutgers were added and Missouri was bypassed.  

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I'm not really a fan.  While I love the thought of playing Nebraska and MD (I live in MD), I miss the old big east with Miami, VT and BC.

I think "thinner" conferences produced more parity which is good unless it is forced by rule changes (IMO).

The SEC is going to be really tough to conquer for long periods of time because the Big12 is no longer a real threat annually, the Big East is gone (Miami was always a threat from the BE).

I love college football, and the change hasn't slowed it one bit, but I do miss some of the old rivalries.

Rivalries take time, sometimes decades to foster, breaking them takes months.

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Being a Uconn basketball fan, the demise of the the best bball conference ever has been difficult. Even moreso now knowing that our tournament will be in Memphis and not at MSG is depressing. The competition in the American is a joke after the top 4/5 teams and just doesn't feel right playing Houston or SMU. It sucks that $ destroyed IMO the best conference college bball has ever seen.

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Alpo, I am not, nor have ever have been a Big East fan, are right about the breakup of the Big East as far as basketball goes. Like I said I was never a fan of that league but I did follow the scores and standings in that league because in the 80's they were far and away the best conference in the country. I always watched the Big East tournament. It is sad the there are no longer Syracuse vs. Georgetown or St. Johns vs Villanova tournament finals. When it comes to BBall I hated to see the Big East go....that was some truly great basketball. Memories....

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Why won't there be any future Villanova & St. John's Big East finals?