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February 16, 2014 at 7:07pm

... Beat Michigan State at Michigan State 60-51. Is the bottom of the league really that good? The B1G is strong this year. I did not think it was this strong though. Your thoughts?

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Maybe all of the teams are mediocre.

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The league is strong but the top teams are most certainly not elite.

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I would say a healthy MSU team is elite.

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B1G is good, but it's not like last year. 

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predicting the correct Sweet 16 in the "Bracket" picks is going to be pretty difficult.

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You won't have better luck picking the B1G Tourney Final Four

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Every team has weaknesses across the board.

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Welcome to the Twilight Zone. 

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Nebraska is 6-6 in the conference, and they only have one game left against a team ahead of them in the standings (Wisconsin). 

They're a pretty good argument for having a rigorous nonconference schedule. They learned things with losses to teams like Creighton and Cincinnati that are benefiting them now.

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Nice win Nebby - Bo Pelini would be so proud

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the big ten is not a top heavy bball conference this season, they have a lot of good teams but really no great teams


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This is exactly what I'm thinking.    On a given night, who know which B1G team wins.   Nebraska just beat Sparty in East Lansing. Yet a part of me says the whole country is down this year. I just checked all the leagues, and 4-6 losses for 2nd place teams is pretty average.  So, who the hell knows?  I think our league might be the top yet it's a real crap shoot till final 4 this year.

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I might be in the minority, but I think the B1G is way overrated in BBall this year.  Look at the out-of-conf schedule.  They had a lot more signature losses than wins:

Signature Wins: MSU beats Kentucky, Oklahoma and Texas.  Michigan beats Stanford.  Iowa beat Xavier. Wisconsin beats Florida and Illinois beats Missouri

But take a look at the losses:  MSU lost to UNC.  Michigan lost to ISU, Duke, AZ.  Iowa lost to 'Nova and ISU. Nebraska last to Cincinnati.  Minny lost to Syracuse.  Purdue lost to Ok St and Butler.  Northwestern lost to UCLA.  Indiana lost to Uconn and Syracuse.  PSU lost to Pitt.  And Illinois lost to Oregon

Two best wins by the B1G were MSU's early win against a young, inexperienced Kentucky and Wisconsin over Florida. 

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Yeah but Wisconsin win over UF was against a half man team. They get the win, but it wasn't like they are played the UF with 3 more players back. 

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don't expect the NCAA committee to really get too involved in the strength of the B1G…its funny, in football strength of conference matters to the greatest extent, but in basketball it seems very little credit is given, especially from some of the analysis I've read from CBS and ESPN (I don't think it has a great deal to do with SEC agenda, but probably a little). Expect 6-7 B1G teams in the tourney, with potentially 2-3 deserving teams being left out because of their overall record (which is mainly composed of conference games). I think the B1G is the best conference top to bottom by a large margin. Does it have the best team? No. But it does have a handful of elite teams plus another handful of very, very good teams. SEC football 'strength' is developed from the top 3-4 teams without much mention of the quality of lower tier SEC teams, whereas B1G bball strength involves the collective quality of I'd say 8-10 teams that as a group of 8-10 teams is far better than any other conference 1-8/1-10. Its just crazy how this conference really is a 'anybody can beat anybody' conference. I just hope this correlates to NCAA tourney success and not just a regular season thing. 

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It looked like Izzo was ready to stroke in the last 5 minutes.......too bad I missed the Indiana loss as well.....Creen is turning in a stellar performance this year as well.

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Nebraska has a very underrated coach. He's building that team the right way on his own schedule. The low expectations from Husker fans are a blessing. In every interview I've seen, he's come off very humble and basketball savvy. I think he relates very well to his players, and they give 110% for him.