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Below in Favorite College Basketball and Football players: The names listed are recent or past players that many of us think of when we hear Ohio State. However, the real answer is The Ohio State Buckeyes. Favorite NFL team changes based on who has the most Buckeyes on their roster.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Braxton Miller's 40 yd Hail Mary to the end zone for a Touchdown vs. Wisconsin (2011), Beating Alabama in the Sugar Bowl to advance to the first CFB Playoff NC (2015), Beating Oregon in the 2015 CFB playoff National Championship.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Braxton Miller, Kenny Guiton, Ryan Shazier, AJ Hawk, Ted Ginn Jr., Troy Smith, Woody Hayes (Coach)
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Shannon Scott, Greg Oden, Mike Conley, Sam Thompson, Deshaun Thomas, Jared Sullinger, Jerry Lucas
  • NFL TEAM: Pittsburg Steelers
  • NBA TEAM: LA Lakers/Celtics/Cavs/Grizzlies
  • MLB TEAM: St. Louis Cardinals
  • SOCCER TEAM: Bayern Munich/Manchester United

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Comment 01 Sep 2015

You can cancel the draft and redo it. Only the commissioner can do it but voiding the draft and redoing it sounds like the best option. I feel for you though. I would hate to have this happen to me.

Comment 31 Aug 2015

I have had problems too. 3 11W crunk messages and a few other error messages. I cant even get to the Skully and this is the first time I have had time to read it in over a week.

Comment 27 Aug 2015

I am one of those freshmen. I actually though the event was poorly organized, and as you'll notice, they did not have enough of those posters for all of us. Being on the field with TBDBITL made it worth it though.

Comment 26 Aug 2015

So I can't upvote Remy anymore? (Sigh) At least he is getting the recognition he deserves. Congratulations Remy!

One question though: will Remy's avatar change to the staff ones?

Comment 20 Aug 2015

I have a 4 team league so my strategy might be a little different. That being said, I am in my third year with a second an third place finish, and I went 13-3 in my first season. My advice is to wait on a QB. Manning can still give you a lot of points, and in this years draft, he was still available in the 6th round, but there are a few other QB's that can do you good if you wait. A good running back can take you a long way, and don't sleep on a 1st round WR. I had problems at WR in the last two years b/c I did not get one in the first round. The league winners did.

I recommend not getting a QB in the first. Go for a running back or wide receiver. That being said, if you have keepers, your strategy would be different.

Comment 12 Aug 2015

Mine is the name of a fictional coach for The Ohio State University football team. He started in NCAA Football 11 and continued in 13. He won 21 national championships and 31 B1G championships in 32 seasons (lost one to Penn State who went unbeaten till the NC and lost). He went 456-17 and had a 156-0 win vs TTUN. He went on to coach the 49ers (going 133-0, 7 SB's) and soccer too.

Comment 12 Aug 2015

You are in luck. It goes back on sale in a little over 8 days from now:

Comment 07 Aug 2015

I think it would have been closer if Howard made the championship. I would vote him over May. Alas, I gave Mark May my vote. I like the SEC if I had to choose between the SEC and May.

Comment 07 Aug 2015

You nailed the third one. That what I want to see for Penn State. The first one needed more gray, and I liked the second one, but you absolutely nailed the third one.

Comment 06 Aug 2015

I hope they start 0-12 then go 0-24, 0-48, 0-96, 0-192 and continue to loose more and more. That would be glorious.

Comment 01 Aug 2015

I got the media creation tool and installed it on my laptop that ran 8.1 on Wednesday. So far, it is much better that windows 8/8.1 and faster too. However, those of you who have not upgraded yet, my  recomenadation is if you have windows 8/8.1 then upgrade, but if you have windows 7 and you are happy with it, wait to upgrade until the operating system is less buggy.

Comment 23 Jul 2015


Thanks for all that you do, and your outstanding work on the 99% club. As a token of appreciation, I tried to go through and upvote each of your comments. Unfortunately, it is a little unresponsive so I will try again later.