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Below in Favorite College Basketball and Football players: The names listed are recent or past players that many of us think of when we hear Ohio State. However, the real answer is The Ohio State Buckeyes. Favorite NFL team changes based on who has the most Buckeyes on their roster.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Braxton Miller's 40 yd Hail Mary to the end zone for a Touchdown vs. Wisconsin (2011), Beating Alabama in the Sugar Bowl to advance to the first CFB Playoff NC (2015), Beating Oregon in the 2015 CFB playoff National Championship.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Braxton Miller, Kenny Guiton, Ryan Shazier, AJ Hawk, Ted Ginn Jr., Troy Smith, Woody Hayes (Coach)
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Shannon Scott, Greg Oden, Mike Conley, Sam Thompson, Deshaun Thomas, Jared Sullinger, Jerry Lucas
  • NFL TEAM: Pittsburg Steelers
  • NBA TEAM: LA Lakers/Celtics/Cavs/Grizzlies
  • MLB TEAM: St. Louis Cardinals
  • SOCCER TEAM: Bayern Munich/Manchester United

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Comment 26 Apr 2015

This was my pick as well. While USC probably won't be as good as Ohio State, or any of the teams like TOSU, I believe it is time for USC to start taking control of the PAC12 away from Oregon. However, they do face some issues and I think Oregon or UCLA will win the PAC12 this year. But a dark horse pick? USC.

Comment 21 Apr 2015

I have seen something similar... but guess what, he picked Ohio State!

He will be in The Ohio State University next year. Guaranteed.

Comment 17 Apr 2015

Some of it is. On my visit last July, we got to go to a store inside, and we got a glimpse of the court. However, most of it was blocked off, and you cannot go into the seating or near the court. For reference, this view of the court was from the top left corner (if looking at if from TV broadcast view).

Also, I do not believe the Shoe is open unless an event is going on. I walked all the way around and did not find an open entrance. Granted, this was when they were installing the permanent lights.

Comment 16 Apr 2015

Am I the only one who opens up 11W on a given day and sees an article title and picture and just automatically know it's Ramzy's without opening it?

No, you are not.

However, the writers here are so good that sometimes I think Ramzy is the author but is not. I can usually tell by the headline though. 

Comment 08 Apr 2015

wasn't Wisconsin a 5 point underdog

They were a 1 point favorite. 

Comment 07 Apr 2015

To answer the above question: yes. I applied in November and was deferred. I raised my ACT in December from 27 to 30, and I was accepted. Now, in August, I will start college on the campus of The Ohio State University in Columbus.

However, you bring up an interesting point as to how admissions are handled. Even with my good academic rating, I needed a second chance to get in, and one of my friends who has a better GPA but lower ACT score could not. So I am not sure how admissions are handled (I know they give you a vague statement, but I am talking specifics), but I am just happy to be attending THE.

Comment 01 Apr 2015

I hope Ohio State makes the right hire, but that halftime show did not look promising. Good luck Dr. Spurlin, but I would rather have a former TBDBITL member/director take the post. Here is to hoping the right hire is made, whether it is Dr. Spurlin or someone else. 

Comment 31 Mar 2015

I think we could include the marching band. I know NCAA does not consider it a sport but they call themselves The Best Damn Band In The Land, and:

Southern University’s “Human Jukebox” marching band as the second best collegiate marching band in the country, topped only by Ohio State University. 

Comment 23 Mar 2015

Please, do not let Duke or Notre Dame to win the NCAA Tournament. That's all I ask.

I would rather have these two win than Kentucky. 

Comment 13 Mar 2015

I think it would depend on four players: Amir, Kam, Lee, Loving. They need to step up, stay out of foul trouble, and score. If they don't, the sweet 16 is the limit.

Comment 13 Mar 2015

Same here. I try not to even give out a down vote. I do not even remember who my last (and 32) down vote was. But, I will not upvote some people.

Comment 13 Mar 2015

I know Tate was not the subject here, but Tate can be very successful in the NBA. He has the heart to play with anyone.

I also agree that KBD needs to develop his around the basket offensive game. When he does that, he can be considered an NBA prospect.