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Helmet stripe width?

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August 28, 2014 at 10:48pm

Fellow Buckeyes,

I am in the process of refinishing an old dartboard cabinet that I found when moving out of my last place and I want to replicate our helmet stripe with the doors. My first question is, what is the correct ratio for the widths of the colors?  Obviously the scarlet is wider than the white, and the white is wider than the black, but I'm not sure what the difference is.  The width of these two doors combined is 21.5".

I will post pictures once I'm finished.

Thanks in advance for the help/advice!


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Don't ask, but this has come up before. 

This ratio works pretty well but the math is yours...

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I've used those same ratios for the stripe on a beer pong table that was 24" wide, and made the stripe a third of the total width. This overall ratio emphasizes the stripe, but still gives you a good amount of some nice silver metallic on the sides. If you would want to do something similar, I'd suggest 3 inches of scarlet, 1.5" white, and 0.75" black. Total stripe width of 7.5" with 7" of silver on each side.

I love lamp.

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Thanks!!  This was very similar to what I was thinking, I just wanted to make sure that my math wasn't crazy before I started painting today.  Upvotes for Brick!

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Nice. plus 1 HS for OSU creativity

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