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Game day tradition

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August 26, 2014 at 10:31am

We've had forums like this before but it's been a while. While Ohio State has a great many traditions on football Saturdays, my question is this:

What is your tradition on a Saturday during football season?

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Watching the game!

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For a noon game I wake up, watch College gameday from bed for a bit. Get up, put on my Ted Ginn jersey, make skyline dip then park myself on the couch to watch the end of gameday then our game. Afterward, I celebrate our victory with a few tasty beverages and soak in the rest of the games.

And yes, I know, I should stop watching ESPN/Gameday but something about seeing Corso pick a mascot head just makes it feels like football to me

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No worries Nuts it is starting to become an annual tradition of these posts and it's always fun to read what posters are doing that is different than others.

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My tradition is spending most of the morning figuring out why my wife hates me and does things like asking her parents to come up AT NOON to help with little projects around the house.

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I agree with you. Before I got married I would spend all day watching football. Now I can barely watch the Ohio State game on.  I guess that is what I get for marrying a lady who isn't from Ohio and doesn't know about growing up watching football on Saturday and Sunday.

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Never give up your effort to bend them to your will ;-)

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I have been dealing with this for 10 wife isn't from Ohio, and grew up in a house were baseball was king between her dad and brother.

EVERY year it's an argument/issue about me watching football...for 15 Saturdays a year...

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So it last upwards to 10 years with the argument every year? I been dealing with this for 5 years now and thought it would end soon.  Every year around this time we have the same issue with me trying to watch football on Saturday and her wanting to go out and do something.  Heck I even volunteer to keep the kids home with me (granted during the game i would be watching the game mostly) and she can go out by herself to go shopping and she still wants to do something with the family. 

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Not really an "argument" per se, as we're not openly yelling/bickering, but it's definitely an ongoing issue that I don't think will ever go away.  I want to watch the pregame shows, the OSU game (of course) and any others - preferably with friends/neighbors - which can easily become an all day affair some Saturdays.  This, in combination with a family, makes things tough - and that we own a 45 year old house with a constant stream of projects...her wanting to do her taking away from "family time"'s a delicate balance.

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If I'm in Columbus, I party with the old fogeys at the Faculty Club on the Oval. It's a great pre-game meetup spot with food, drinks and parking. Very family friendly although the average age in there is like 60. Good news is the Alumni to Luke-Warm Buckeye Fan ratio is like 100:1 so it's great to chat with people who have long ties to tOSU. Usually sit out on the deck and watch y'all walking to the stadium while playing catch with my cousins. A few band members stop by and play some tunes (Sloopy, etc.) and then we walk as a family to the game. I shouldn't have said anything, the secret is out!

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My tradition involves having the Ohio State game on one TV and having ESPN3 playing on another TV (via my laptop, that way I can have 4 games on 1 TV). Luckily I have a wonderful woman in my life who not only allows me to do this but also WANTS me to.

I usually go for normal beer on gamedays, when things get tense I sip faster than normal, no sense in spending money on craft beer that I won't actually enjoy. I also can't eat during the game, but after the game is over I usually go into celebratory binge eating mode. 

The routine can change, but one thing I always do is wear my #2 1954 Throwback jersey.

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I usually go for normal beer on gamedays, when things get tense I sip faster than normal, no sense in spending money on craft beer that I won't actually enjoy. 

sounds like you need to get better craft beer!

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Luckily I have a wonderful woman in my life who not only allows me to do this but also WANTS me to.

I hate you...only because I'm insanely jealous.

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I wake up and get a workout in. I don't have to go to the barn and help feed animals, my wife will cover that and takes the dogs with her, preparing the dogs for an all day event of sleeping and looking annoyed when we yell at the TV. She knows how much fall Saturdays mean to me.

I usually watch ESPN (even though it irritates me) until kickoff and I can't wait for my wife to get home so we can watch football all day together.

Around 10 is when the first beer and first game here in Colorado (busch light - yea it is my tradition - didn't drink it for the B1G champ game or Orange bowl and look what happened). Then I eat as much as I can as my wife cooks and cleans the house. That is her coping mechanism when she gets nervous during the games.

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The past 2 years I have worn the same jersey and always smoked a cigar after every game... It worked up until the last 2 games of the season last year :(

Not sure if I will continue the cigar tradition... It's not really a healthy one to have.

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It's not the cigar.  

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I don't really have a routine anymore with a wife and kid but the one tradition that I continue to have is drinking Busch Light for Buckeye games.  I know, it's awful beer, but something about it just makes me feel at home since I live in Maryland now.

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I completely agree on the Busch Light thing. It makes me feel like I am home again. I seriously do not drink it outside of football season, too many microbrews in Colorado.

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1.  Get up early and head in to work.

2.  Scramble to get everything done before gametime.

3.  If the work isn't getting done in time, scramble to find an unauthorized website to pick up the game

4.  If work is done, drive like crazy to get home in time for kickoff

5.  Hope like hell it ain't beth mowins announcing

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I tend to remember as gametime approaches but then completely forget by mid day Sunday.

"You'll find out that nothing that comes easy is worth a dime. As a matter of fact, I never saw a football player make a tackle with a smile on his face." -- Wayne Woodrow Hayes

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I drink from the same OSU coffee mug every gameday - worked in 2012

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Our tradition, while relatively new (like the past 3-4 years) is to set up a pseudo tailgate on the back patio. Coolers, grills, brats & every artery packing game-day food you can think of, cornhole for halftime, etc. Lot of memories have been created in a short amount of time.

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OK... For a non-conference game I put on my "Real Men Wear Scarlet and Gray" shirt and my OSU shorts (I live in FL), put on the Buckeye necklace I made and the one I got from the Big Nut and watch pregame (and hopefully they show TBDBITL doing Script Ohio). Once they start talking about the other team I'll get my iced tea and snack of choice for the day, give my dog Brutus a treat (telling him it a big chuck of meatchicken!) and then pat my 3 1/2'  Brutus Buckeye statue on the head just before I sit down for the game. If it's a conference game there's a bit more, and if it's TTUN... well, a lot more.

If for some unexplained reason we are not in the lead starting the fourth quarter I will advise my wife that she will need to start watching the game. Her indifference seems to affect the team somehow.  I have advised her of this and chastised her in the past, but she only gets interested if we are playing MSU, TTUN or in a bowl.

She's a work in progress.

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"Nothing that comes easy is worth a dime." - Woody Hayes