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When the Game Stands Tall

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August 1, 2014 at 8:53pm

I just got back from the movies.  I watched the movie, "Get On Up" about the life of James Brown. It was really worth seeing as I learned a lot of him and his history that I didn't know.

For football fans there was a preview for the movie, "When the Game Stands Tall."  It stars Jim Caviezel (played Christ in the Passion) as Coach Bob Ladouceur as the head coach of De La Salle High School in Concord, CA.  They had a record setting 151 game winning streak from 1992-2003!

I never knew of this record or streak until seeing the ad for the movie.  Was wondering if anyone followed the team during their streak or was aware of it.  I am definitely looking forward to seeing it. It is a bright spot amongst a sea of darkness and pessimism that is sometimes Hollywood. 


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When The Game Stands Tall - Official Trailer [HD] - YouTube

Opens Aug. 22nd. FYI.

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My favorite part of the trailer....................Q - "Do you know why they call me Buster?"   A - "Because you're stupid enough to let them."

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I thought this post was about when scUM might challenge us again. 

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Lol. Been awhile since TSUN has made the Game "stand tall." 

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Last year they stood up, but got sat right back down.

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Looks to be a great movie, Caviezel is a great actor.

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No mention of Disney, so that's a plus. I'll wait for some reviews, nothing in that preview that I haven't already seen in The Blindside, Varsity Blues, etc.

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Yes it does look like it could be a We Are Marshall type film, or Coach Carter film.  That ending scene in Varsity blues and the final speech was inspirational. I loved that movie as cliched as it was.

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FWIW Guardians of the Galaxy was great too and worth seeing. Lucy (with Scarlett Johansen) despite her beauty and attractiveness, was awful.

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Lucy had potential then fell off a freakin cliff. Apes was really good and Guardians was great fun.

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I liked Apes too.  Special effects were off the charts. I guess the actors had to wear special gadgets with sensors and crouch for long periods of time.

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Well, cheers all around. i too will partake in a movie tonight...

there is no greater joy than watching Michigan get slammed. in anything

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Go see Guardians definitely. Guardians was a classic. It had a light humorous tone to it too while keeping you riveted. It didn't take itself so seriously like other action films.  I enjoyed it more than a lot of the action movies such as Godzilla, Transformers, Amazing Spider-Man, X-men and others.

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I would still pay to watch Lucy

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Was that a nipple?

Every time I set my DVR to record Biggest Loser......It always records Wolverine Football Games!

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Anytime sports, the last corner of our pre-planned world with any level of surprise and uncertainty, can be lifted up in film, I'm in !! 

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I'm from California, so I was aware of the streak and knew some people who went there.  Very impressive streak

Go Bucks!

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Was aware of the streak too, It took Jonathan Stewart and 40 some carries to beat De La Salle when his Belleview (Wash.) team took them down.  The biggest stat line I remember was that their QB attempted no passes in the game for De La Salle.  They also played one of hell of a game that was billed #1 vs. #2 and had 9 players from that game alone make it to the NFL.

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I remember the school name and streak being mentioned. Although I thought it was more recent then 2003. 11 years undefeated is an accomplishment in any competitive sport. If you have kept an eye on the top 25 in high school football for the last 20 or so years De La Salle is usually right up there most years.

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The movie comes out this Friday Aug 22nd if you plan on seeing it. I have heard good things about it.

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Headed out to see it tonight. I'll let you guys know how it is.

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It turned out to be an awesome movie. Well worth seeing it on the big screen. I was ready to run through a wall after watching it.

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I used to live in Hudson, Michigan for awhile and while I was there ESPN had a documentary on them for holding the record of 72 before DLS went on their run. There was controversy because of Hudson being public and DLS recruiting. Thought it was pretty cool though, I had no idea Hudson had that claim to fame.

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I saw it over the weekend -- definitely worth going to see.

The critics weren't friendly to it, because there are some aspects of the movie that are the same as any other football movie.  It's also not completely historically accurate.  However, the message of the movie is excellent -- they really wanted to portray the concept that their success was because it's about the team, not about the players.  It's about the brotherhood that exists that allows them to achieve far more than they could individually.  They had to fabricate a few things, and the LB Poly game did occur, just not when the movie says that it did, but it seemed to me that they did this to get the message across.

Jim Caviezel did an excellent job, I love his acting (mostly because Person of Interest is the best show on TV).  Go see this movie.

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