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Where in Central Ohio is my Craig Krenzel Matryoshka Doll? Week 3

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August 1, 2014 at 4:44pm
Where is my Craig Krenzel Doll?

Where is my Craig Krenzel Matryoshka Doll?

Hint is below.

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After visiting COSI and the Drexel, my kids and the Craig Krenzel Matryoshka doll were ready for some outdoor culture. I took them west from the Drexel and we visited the grounds of the first international exhibition of this kind in the United States. The exhibition was held at this site in 1992. Although I did not visit this site during its run 22 years ago, I had a fun time visiting with family and the Krenzel doll a couple of weeks ago.

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Ameriflora! But I can't remember where that was.

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BrooklynBuckeye is on the right track. Challenge yourself and try to name the site without using a search engine.

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Another angle of the picture above:

Another angle.
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Franklin Park Conservatory

I loved going there when I lived in Ohio

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Jedkat has the right answer! My first visit to Franklin Park Conservatory was when I attended Franklin Alternative Middle School.  We took a walk there in the spring of '89 or '90. They were getting the grounds ready for Ameriflora and they were prepping for the event.

My kids had a fun time exploring the outside of the Conservatory. Next time we'll have to go inside.

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Remy, I love your genuine effort to contribute meaningfully to this site. You provide so much more than a witty comment or a sexy gif. For that, you deserve all the upvotes my friend. Keep up the good work!

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BucksFanXC, Thank you the kind words.

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The man's efforts are quite admirable. 

I'm just a poo gas huffin' toilet snorkeler at heart....

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Franklin Park may be the definition of "diamond in the rough". The park is absolutely unbelievable in the Spring but it is extremely unfortunate the direction that neighborhood has gone in terms of crime. 

I preferred my suspensions out of school. I needed to check in on what those Hollywood Squares were up to.

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