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Record Player/HiFi Help

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July 27, 2014 at 11:33am

Does anyone around here listen to vinyl?  I started collecting records about ten years ago to listen to some old blues and jazz records (before they started re-releasing everything on CD and iTunes).  Anyways, the old record player I got for my sixteenth birthday finally died (an old all-in-one unit similar to this).  It worked well enough but didn't have the best sound quality. I'm looking to replace it with a better unit.  A new turntable, amp, speakers, really dive in.  I have no idea where to start or what brands to look at.  I'd like to put the whole kit together for $500-600.  Given my budget limitation I'm not sure if its better to have higher quality speakers or a better turntable.  Any suggestions?  In appreciation I have included a cat selfie.



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Avid vinyl fan here. If you want a solid modern turntable I'd go with a driect drive Audio Technica. They make solid audio equipment and they're headquartered in Ohio. Marantz makes excellent amps but they are pretty pricey. You can't go wrong with a Yamaha amp, they are reasonably priced and sound nice. I don't put too much emphasis on speakers, I got mine at a Goodwill. If you want a vintage setup check eBay for some older equipment.

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Thanks!  I was already looking at the Audio Technica AT-LP 120 and AT-LP 60.  I am leaning to the 60 because of the price.

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Not sure if low-end Audiophile is a thing but these turntables are great for the money: