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Hell Yes

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July 23, 2014 at 4:25pm

Things are starting to look up for me with the VA after years of trying to get somewhere with it. Just got a call from the VA Hospital here in Dayton telling me i will have no co-pay on my visit's or my Meds so that means i got it. Now its taking care of gettng my monthly payment's next.

Been a long long hard battle over the years to get this far along but god does these feel good and im not really sure how to feel right now . I want to dance and sing but at the same time i want to cry which i can't do because a man does not cry. I know that sounds crazy but that is how i was raised.

Damn i don't know because i have so many emotions going on inside i can't set still right now. But their all good emtions at least.

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Thanks for your service, happy to hear that things are now working in your favor. I hope more veterans nationwide will be able to experience similar.

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Couldn't agree more, on both counts. 

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Glad you can share the good news with your 11W family, Air!

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Anyone who qualifies for VA insurance earned it.  Good for you, must be a heavy weight off your shoulders

A man got to have a code...

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 Thank you for your service. I wish the Hell that the VA hospital and the government would get their shit together, if that's possible.



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Go ahead AiR, dance and sing!  Hell, cry a bit too. We won't judge. Happy for you. Thanks to all who serve our great Country 

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Semper Fi

Go Bucks!

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as my favorite poster, i am happy for you airbuckeye. vets should be covered for life. 

Californian by birth, Marionaire by the Grace of President Warren G. Harding.

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When my younger cousin got out of the National guard and had some problems to deal with I know he received roughly 2 grand a month then they paid 2 grand child support for him and covered everything medically for free. I'm sorry you are having to fight to receive benefits that should be automatic. Its crazy the way they try to silence and deny good people that served our Country.

Mark my words..I don't need acceptance. I'm catching interceptions on you innocent pedestrians.

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We don't always get the happy endings regarding matters of bureaucracy...hard stop with respect to the commenting policy.

Glad to have read about some happiness on a tough subject, happier yet to read one of our own has what is rightfully his.

God bless, AB.

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Air it's ok for a man to cry.. It might not be a good look, but sometimes it's ok to get it out. my 2 pennies. Anyway congrats. We'll deserved. 


Like the ball in the stands, we balls out

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Good for you, Air Buckeye. Shame it took the VA that long to give you the care you've earned. 

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Thanks Air for all you and your family have giving for the US.  Happy to see you finally get that which you have earned.  By golly if you want to cry then cry.  It makes you no less a man but rather that much more human.  God bless.

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God bless you, AirBuckeye

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I season my simple food with hunger

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Good for you, sir. With all the bad stuff that has been going on there lately it's nice to hear a good story coming from the VA.

Our Honor Defend!

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AirBuckeye, I am a resident at the VA in NYC, and honestly it makes me really upset that we have "service connected" percentages that qualify you for certain benefits.

As if any veterans gave anything less than 100% when they were defending our butts. The least the government could do is give them free health care.

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Thank you to all and believe i have been riding a roller coster of emtions today but it all felt great .

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Can Premium Lounge Members (That pay their dues on time) gravy train on your healthcare Benefits AirBuckeye?

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I'm sorry Air, I don't feel all that great about the VA here. I have been dealing with PTSD symptoms for years, and all the VA here can say is what kind of recreational drugs am i taking lol. I'm serious, here in KC the VA is fricken joke they are rude and when i asked to speak to the director he doesn't have the time of day to speak to me. worst mistake i ever made was joining the military.

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I went to the VA once. It was so terrible I never returned. It reminded me of the hospital scene in Jacob's Ladder.  Although, friends tell me that Cleveland's VA hospital is amazing.


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Buck I Guy hang in there brother i know what your dealing with trust me i know. People aways tell you that you earned it and they have to give to you when you apply NO They don't. I have faught them for 30 years now before i finally got mine and it was a battle at every turn.

You have to remeber your taking on the Fed. groverment and they don't just hand things out like candy because they believe it's their money and your trying to steal from their pockets. I just refused to give up and shut up and go away for the past 30 years. And thank god i never gave in because i hate losing at anything in life.

And never feel ashamed of serving because thats an honor that not everyone can say they have done in life. Hell if im not mistaken they draft was still going on a few years after i went in but i know i did'nt with to see if i would see if i was drafted i went in joined the day i turned 17 even though the Vietam War was still going on.

Be proud of your service to this Country and hold your head up high because you are part of a special group of men and women that make this proud country even though there are those ass hats that do everything to destroy it. I won't go into that because of the site rules even though people will know what im talking about.

And Thank Buck I Guy for you service and anyone else here that served  Semper Fi.

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How long have you been out?  If they do approve your pension, that back pay is going to be NICE.  As a fellow veteran but with no known service connected medical issues, I'm glad I never had to go through this.  I went to the VA in Columbus one time for my obligatory inprocessing, and never went back.

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Been out 38 years going on 39 come Oct.

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My Uncle told me that he once told them------I've fulfilled my obligation to the military, and now they're going to fulfill their obligation to ME.  Great news!!  You EARNED the benefits----GET EM.

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One for you, good sir