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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 1974 Rosebowl which i really enjoyed because i was there that day and it was a day i will always remeber.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: archie griffin / roger staubach
  • NFL TEAM: Dallas Cowboys
  • NHL TEAM: RedWings (hangs head in shame)
  • NBA TEAM: Lakers
  • MLB TEAM: Reds
  • SOCCER TEAM: never had one

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Comment 28 Aug 2016

I was going to post this around 2am or so but thought naw it's only one or two wack jobs running their mouths but glad someone else posted it. I just hope the hell we play them this year not really looked to see who we play this year yet I'm dealing with to much right now going on inside my head with Fred and George. Plus this is the time of year I really have trouble getting through until the 26th of Oct. OSU FOOTBALL helps for the most part alone with other games..

Lets GO BUCKS and get this damn season started  O-H . Hope everyone else on here is doing well and are pumped up for another great season of OSU Football..

Comment 22 Jul 2016

I'm going to say something here and this is just me but I have been around far far to long in this world. And in those years I have become very good at judging people for who they are. I guess that's the first thing I do when I meet someone is start looking at them inside and out so I know who I'm dealing with. And to be honest I know your not suppost to judge people but that's the first thing I'm doing by getting a read on them.

I listen to how they talk and watch their body movements and eye's . I look for anything out of order only so I don't get burned later not knowing I was foolish enough to trust the wrong person. And just watching Eze over his time here and how he act's like a child and that's not ment in a bad way. I just don't see it in him because he reminds me of someone who would sooner walk away from a women that's being an ass then stay there and take it.

And I know women and how damn hateful they can be was married to one or 23 years. They can be very Evil minded and have now soul when they don't get what they want. They don't care how far they go to destroy a man's life to get pay back it's in their DNA.

Comment 10 Apr 2016

Ill chime in on this because I was married to someone just like her and did not find out about her till about a year and a half into it.  It was after our son was born that her true side came out after we had a spat and I left the house to let things cool off. When I came home I came in through the kitchen and there lying on the table was a Barbie Doll with no head on it. I thought it was a little weird but went on to the bathroom to relive myself.

When I got there I was taking care off myself when I look over to the sink full of water and there was the head to the floating in it. So I went in to ask her why the hell was up with the doll head. And what she said and the way she said it scared the hell out me. She Said ITS YOU and it sounded like some demon out of a movie.

But the best this I can tell you is if she showed you this side of her it's there so trust your first gut feelings because they are usually the right one's.

Comment 10 Apr 2016

Well I have to disagree with OSU07 on that one . The justice system in this Country has been nothing but a JOKE since the 70's and is getting worse. What needs to be done and I may piss off a few people here but so be it because I always speak my mind even knowing I'm going piss people off and have hurt feelings.

But the problem is yes the prisons are over crowded and part of that is repeat offenders that keep going back plus locking up Pot heads for long terms. If someone commits Murder then but them to death to hell with this PC shit . They took a life so they give theirs up plan and simple. Child Molesters and rapist get their dick cut off.

If you have a repeat thief felon off with the hands and let the punishment fix the crime. We as a people have gotten to damn soft and lax in the way our Legal System should work. And Judges and lawyers are just has guilty of the broken system with all their behind door wheeling and dealings.

Comment 09 Feb 2016

I just started mine 4 years ago and have never missed a payment not one and the bank is SYNCHONY which is out of Atlanta. I'm going to check out OSUB advice and see how much I can save by going to the Credit Union I have the car through since it will be paid off in either Aug or July. Been paying on that loan for over 4 years now and ask how much interest it would be to pay off the 4 cards I have.

Comment 09 Feb 2016

No I have good credit been working on it now for 5 years. Before that I did everything in Cash but needed to start my Credit for a few reason after Buying the house. I already but the card in the shedder but I will find a way to pay it down but I thought Ohio had a 25% limit on what banks could charge. I took it out to help build my credit up at 23% so I'm not sure how they pulled this off.

Comment 09 Feb 2016

D Day I know what your going through going through it now myself and it is no fun Good Luck on the rehab.

Comment 07 Feb 2016

Way to go Big Man and it's about damn time and well over due. Now If they can get theirs heads out of their ASS there is another BUCKEYE who is WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! over due to be put in. And I don't even think I need to mention his name here because most will know whom I am talking about.

Comment 03 Feb 2016

The physical therapy went pretty good today but dam am I sore LOL did not have to deal with the Bama Fan not sure why but they gave me someone else to work with. Seem like a nice dude and gave me some good info on something I have been doing wrong for years.

Comment 01 Feb 2016

Hey Knar been dealing with some things that some would call inner demons but there just voice's I hear and right around Thanks Giving till New Year they really get started up but I'm still around hang in there. But Thank You for asking.

Comment 01 Feb 2016

Scooby I'm with you but would replace Paul Newman and Tom Hanks with The Duke and Lee Marvin. I never miss The Man who shot Liberty Valance when every it is on. I also like Jimmy Steward had two great movies I like as well Harvey The Rabbit I LOVE THTAT movie wish  had a friend like Harvey at times. The other movie was It's A wonderful life never miss at Christmas time.

Comment 01 Feb 2016

Hey I never even though about General Sherman shirt LOL that would be a good one because he is from Bama said he moved up here 16 years for work.

Comment 31 Jan 2016

That's hat got him started in the first place was my Shirt because I only wear OSU shirts and nothing else. Just wish I had the 85 yards through the heart of the south to wear LOL. He did say one thing but kind of added a little dig in with it when he said the only team that could have given Bama  a Game this year would have been OSU. But it was the way he said it that just didn't sound right to me but I do know this.

If he starts about Urban jumping ship on Fla I am going to bring up Saban when he was at MSU and how he took off to the SEC for LSU because the SEC is more lags on recuiting rules than The Big 10. That's when he started wining more down there than he ever did in The Big 10.

Comment 31 Jan 2016

Rotator Cup again as I seem to beat the shit out of myself In my sleep because this is the second time I have done it. The first time I did it was on the right side and this time its on the left side. What piss's me off is I never get to enjoy the ass whipping I'm doing only wake up to after math and pain LOL.

Comment 18 Jan 2016

Wow this really suck losing all these greats and really sucks when you think about it when your right around their age on top off it. Man the 50's 60' and 70's was a great time to grow up in with all the Music that was around. Kid's now a day have no clue as to how care free life was or could be and that is so sad.

Comment 10 Jan 2016

Just remember any thing you give away is also taxed on you and the person you give it to. Which I think is total bull shit but if it was me I would set it up giving cash to who I was going to give it to. That way I could tell them put it in a save I would also buy them and not to go on a spending spree with.