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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 1974 Rosebowl which i really enjoyed because i was there that day and it was a day i will always remeber.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: archie griffin / roger staubach
  • NFL TEAM: Dallas Cowboys
  • NHL TEAM: RedWings (hangs head in shame)
  • NBA TEAM: Lakers
  • MLB TEAM: Reds
  • SOCCER TEAM: never had one

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Comment 23 Dec 2014

I got 45 Nickels to help out. And yes i got close to 250 in change. I just don't feel like counting and rolling all those damn pennies LOL not if i was getting paid say 12 to 15 dollars an hr to count and roll pennies i would think about it then laugh and tell who ever no F-ing way.

Comment 23 Dec 2014

I see where thre is a post with 7 to 9 DV's on it i figure it will reach ten on it's on so i never bother DVing it and move on. But when i where a few of the long time user's are giving UV's for a post that is being DV'ed for no reason other than stupidy and they are trying to correct it then i to will throw an UV on it as well. '

I have been DV'ed on a few post that i never knew why till it was explaned to me that i had made a mistake by one of the mood's. And then i know what i did was wrong and i have learned from that mistake and do not make it again. So i think the UV and Dv is working fine but that is just me.

Comment 21 Dec 2014

There are some post here that would be easy to DV but ill not go there because of some people's mis-guided thought's about TTUN being better because everyone is entitled to how they feel. But rememeber just how bad they were durning the Cooper year's is enough for me to not give a RAT'S ASS if they every win anohter game.

They have earned the suffering they are going through with their arggont pompus ass's thinking they are far and above everyone else and living off years past when they played High School's and Club's for that all time record. So i hope they suffer another 10 year's + and another 2 or even 3 more Coaches before they get the right hire.

I would not waste my time even taking a gaint PISS on that fire up in AA even if it only helped to slow it down. I say let it burn to the damn ground for all i care and let it rot for the next 100 years.

Comment 18 Dec 2014

Chic i have only used a laywer twice in my life of 60 years and both time's they sold me out. So when my Divorce came up i did it my self and walked away clean without my X getting any of my shit what so ever and the real funny part is she used one of my old Laywers against me. And on the way of of the CourtRoom i quoted Martin L King and left them all with theirs mouths hanging open LMAO.

Comment 18 Dec 2014

There is a time to ack with class then there is a time to say whats on your mind and there is nothing wrong with that at all. And how are we to know how the AD did him and the team thats not for us to decide who is right and who is wrong. But from what i can hear he know's and if the teams is behind him then im more on the line of believing him than some Slick dick Laywer who worked himself into a HIGH PAYING AD job.

I my self don't trust Laywers or Judge's never have have never will seen to many self money hungry will and deal with people's life's before going in front of a JUDGE all for that mighy $$$$$.

Comment 18 Dec 2014

I listen to that early early this morning and as soon as i heard talk i became a Bo fan because he talks like he walks it. I like that in people who are not afraid to say what is on their mind no matter who might get pissed off because of the way it come's out. Sounds a lot like me because when i get going that is just they way i speak.

And i know im going tp piss people off when i do it and i don't really give a fuck if they get pissed or not because im not here to kiss anyone's ass as i pass through this world never have and never will and Bo sound's the same way after hearing him talk. Hey Bo you just earned my Respect big time and don't let anyone or anything change you in life.

Comment 17 Dec 2014

You have a good idea but wrong way of thinking about Ind Illi and Purdon't because you can't give two any combo of those schools to the SEC. You take Illi out you take the State of Illinois out of the BTN foot print and that is a huge loss of Cable money. Same if you want to give up both Indiana Schools now you have no school in that State for BTN Foot Print anohter huge loss of cable money.

Give them one of the Indy schools unless you can pull im NDShame then let them have both hell i would rather the BTN work like hell and get NDShame then drop Ind and Prudon't. Wait come to think of it NW is in Ill right? If they are then i guess Ill would work but your giving away tOSU firsr Rival every in the BTN. Not sure about how you feel about History but i can i like history myself.

Comment 13 Dec 2014

You know of all life's lesson's the one lesson in life i learned that seems to have worked for me over rumor's is this. Belive in nothing that you hear and only half of what you see in life. People will only tell you what they want you to hear and only let you see what they want you to see. All the rest is nothing more than smoke and mirror's in a game that they want to control by playing mind game's and only the weak  minded fall for those game's.

Comment 12 Dec 2014

West HillCrest? Im not sure where that one is Jay only been here 5 years now but i know there is a Bakery over in West Carrollton on the pricey side though but my god are their cake's ever good. I paid $50 for a cake about 3 years ago for my roommate little round one but that cake did not last long either I remember the name of it now Ele Bakery. OMG their brownnies you can't even eat one with getting full from them and SWEET oh lord are the sweet. Best Brownnies i have ever eaten.

Comment 11 Dec 2014

Being i was married to one for 23 years i know a bitch when i see or hear one speak but for your sake and your feeling's i will not call her what she is. But when this all come's out the School need to throw her ass out and to the curb where she belong's and press charge's for file a false charge.

If i pissed anyone off for being up front in how i feel about CRAZY ASS WOMEN so be it because if you exspect me to say im sorry for hurt feelings well you might as well wait for hell to freeze over.

Comment 11 Dec 2014

Trust me i would rather she would have hit than what she did do because that would have been a whole lot better than having something of your manhood broken. Very touchie place to have anyone grab and brake over a stupid argument which i never even would have thought that could be broken.

But the good thing is about 18 months later i got my freedom papers and found a wonderful women whom i would gladly lay my life down for in a heart beat . She is the best thing i ever found that makes my world and every day a bright  and shinning day worth living. I would not trade her for all the gold in this world.

Comment 10 Dec 2014

Im not buying the story because i have been there myself with my X and yes i can admit i was the one in that marrige that was abused because i do not believe a man has a right to hit a women. I don;t care what she does you have the right to walk out the door to stop it.

Not unless your unlucky as i was on one of her fit's where i she broke something i never knew could be broken and found out the hard way. But then i should have keep my mouth shut at that point in time but being the smart ass i am i just had to say something i though was a smart ass remark knowing it who futher piss her off.

But went for it anyways so i may have deserved what i got out it and the pain i went through on the floor for over an hour. But a pissed of bitch will lie in a heart beat and their good at it but i don't believe for one minute with JT doing it because he just does not fit the mold. And i hope the bitch get's thrown out of school if she goes to tOSU and she is lock up as well.

Comment 10 Dec 2014

I think this will be a close game with tOSU or Bama up by 7 at the half and one of them pulling away late 3rd quarter and winning by 10 to 17 at the end and i believe it will be tOSU. Would love to see them come out and play like they did against Wis with the same result's.

Comment 09 Dec 2014

The 2014 Incarnate Word Cardinals football team represented the University of the Incarnate Word in the 2014 NCAA Division I FCS football season. The Cardinals played their first season in the Southland Conference. They were led by third-year head coach Larry Kennan. Home games were played at Gayle and Tom Benson Stadium. They finished the season 2–9, 2–6 in Southland play.

Comment 09 Dec 2014

No South that post is real over on the Wis.247 site i LMAO thinking wow Drugs can sometimes be a good thing but this i think ill quit taken any from here on out LOL.

Comment 09 Dec 2014

The game i watched the Badgers never ot flaged once in the first half of that game and i believe they were flaged what twice that whole game?

Comment 09 Dec 2014

It all come's down to who Tex'ass allow's them to bring in because everyone knows Tex'ass call's all the shots in the Big 12 but they should try in sell BYUand SMU to the the Folks in that run the show there in Tex'ass. But i have a feeling they are going to try NDShame at least to feel them out and try to get into the State of OHIO to get their feet into another great recuiting State. So Cinny has to be somewhere on the top of their list.

But Tex'ass is going to want someone that well play middle of the pack in the BIG 12 and never be any better than that because they will not want to have anyone to be a major threat to their rule of the BIG 12.

Comment 09 Dec 2014

I believe MSU beats Baylor because 1 they have played no and i mean no one with a D all year like MSU has 2 the big 12 has no team with the type of D that MSU has got. Has far as Iowa losing to Iowa St that game for iowa is like TTUN is to tOSU and Iowa St always plays Iowa and from time to time win's that game more than you would think.

Illinois ill give that one but given a month to get ready Louis Tech ill take the Illi over Louis tech just because it is Louis Tech now if you talking Purdon't or Ind then yes i would pick Louis Teck every day of the week and three times on Sunday. Plus Tenn i just don't buy into all the SEC BS  they keep trying to sell and Tenn just doe not strike fear into anyone like they once did long long ago.

If PISSU had an OL i would say yes to them winning but they don't and yes they at tOSU on the ropes if you want to call it that. But they played out of their above them selfs in that game but tOSU made it closer than it should have ever been. The two game's i really don't like are the Nem and the Maryland game's . I mean shit that is right in USC and Stanfords back yard and if either one came away with a win they will have earned it.

Comment 09 Dec 2014

Your going on what the odd makers the same one's that just took the biggiest hit ever on the tOSU vs Wis game as fact for the bowl game's? I believe the Big 10 goes no worst than 6-4 and maybe even as good as 8-2. The Big 10 is not as down as the Media and so called guro's would have you to beleive. If you believe the SEC is going to win every game they play against i wish i had the money to cover any beat you wanted to make.

Hell i would even spot you points on most of those games myself. Tale Iowa vs Tenn i would give Tenn and 7 points the Wis vs Auburn game i would give you Auburn and 5 points there. But thats just me because thats how i feel those two games are going to play out. And Baylor is not beating MSU because MSU as got a D that will slow Baylor down enough for MSU to win that game.