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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 1974 Rosebowl which i really enjoyed because i was there that day and it was a day i will always remeber.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: archie griffin / roger staubach
  • NFL TEAM: Dallas Cowboys
  • NHL TEAM: RedWings (hangs head in shame)
  • NBA TEAM: Lakers
  • MLB TEAM: Reds
  • SOCCER TEAM: never had one

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Comment 5 hours ago

Eddie that is why I have a bottle of Uncle Jack that is 18 years old. 4 or 5 shots and your toast but Flu bye bye.....

Comment 29 Sep 2016

LCT that is very Gracious of you to do and I hope you find someone who has not been to a game to be given that chance.

Comment 29 Sep 2016

The first team to go into Fantasy Valley and Blow Piss U out I think he his within hours....

Comment 28 Sep 2016

Thee OSU





All have great History, And I will not put TTUN on my list every nor ND..

Plus Okl I almost forgot...

Comment 17 Sep 2016

I'm pissed my better half cousin and me always talk during games and never lose only when we don't talk do we lose. And nothing knowing what this game means > I called in no answer.

Comment 17 Sep 2016

Hot Damn I love that score . I had to go out and missed the second half of the game but it could not have happened to a more NICER DOUCH BAG and School than FSU. Now I don't how the polls will shake out but that should had least knock them back passed 20 if not out or should..

Comment 16 Sep 2016

I spend a lot of time playing games on face book keeps my mind busy a lot of the times. That way I'm not being over run by the voice's or Fred an George. And Fred and George are just warming up right now with my Birthday just around the corner next month like they do and have done for years!!!!.

Comment 15 Sep 2016

I know last weeks game was a set on the edge of your seat first half and I take some blame for that. It seems my better half cousin had to work till 5 that day. Trust me I let him know about it to because the only time OSU looses is when we are not talking on the phone during the game it never fails over the years. But he said he his off this Saturday so were all good to go this week...

Comment 11 Sep 2016

I'm Please with the game and glad as hell we got it together in the second half and won by 45. I can somewhat over look the first half being that the weather was a good part of it so to speak. Plus moving South to North with the winds coming in from the North. But I still feel they should have had more push than they were getting from the O-Line.

But a win is a win right? But they better not start off like next week or we could be in trouble fast. HOOKER is a FUCKING BEAST is all I can say damn that young man can play. He is going to be a nightmare for QBs. I have one question though about the RULES on leaving early. Is it 3 years playing time or just 3 years? The reason I ask is for this. He was here last year which would be year 1 and this being year 2. And if it is just 3 years in School I would not be surprised to se him bolt for the NFL next. But that's if he keeps playing at the level he is now and gets even better.

Comment 08 Sep 2016

I don't what It is put every time I'm in The Shoe and the Band comes out of The North Tunnel I get Chills just waiting and when they play Carmon Ohio my eyes get a little Misty every time..