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O-H-I-O: Nationwide's planned campus in Grandview Yard

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July 1, 2014 at 8:29am

I thought this was pretty cool.  From Business First:


The master plan for Nationwide's planned corporate campus at Grandview Yard is centered around the "H building" that will be built first, followed by the "I building" to the north. Parking garages flank the complex. (Do you see the O-H-I-O?) A third office building and a third parking garage are also planned across Yard Street, but details on their size aren't set yet. The project also includes a new hotel and conference center along Goodale Boulevard.


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Definitely cool; but they should go all out and make the buildings shaped like the "Block O". That would be even more awesome.

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This is probably the coolest and only saving grace of the Grandview "revitalization". Box condos and box stores going up left and right...

I just sold my place in Victorian Village for the same reason. Traffic/parking in VV and Grandview is about to get absurd. 

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I live in VV now and love it. If I had moved here with a family I would probably be less enthusiastic. 
Columbus is transforming in positive ways overall. 

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They need to add a courtyard in the middle of the two "O" buildings. That would make them truly look like block O's. I live in Grandview and am pretty excited to see what else might move into the space. I am patiently awaiting the Hofbrauhaus to open shortly.