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Hang On Sloopy and TBDBITL Were Honored at the Ohio House

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May 7, 2014 at 5:27pm

Hang On Sloopy! The band was honored at the Ohio House with a resolution recognizing its contribution to the state and also to make Hang On Sloopy the official state rock song. O-H!


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Very Neat!


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I just found the YouTube video:
"The OSU Marching Band performed in the Ohio House prior to a resolution to make Hang on Sloopy the official state rock song. The band was honored with a resolution recognizing its contributions to the state."

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I thought Hang on Sloopy was already the state rock song. Either I misremembered or my 4th grade music teacher is a filthy LIAR.

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Oddly enough my sons fourth grade class was there for this today on a school field trip. He was all pumped to see the band. 

+1 HS
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Various legislators doing O-H-I-O in the background.  Love it.