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Bar and restaurant recommendations

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February 25, 2014 at 10:15am

I haven't been to Columbus without a small kid in tow for many years; what places would you guys recommend?  Good food, good drinks and good people watching?

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When are you going? Relative area? Dinner/Lunch/both?

Short North if you are looking to go out and have fun, eat & drink. Lots of places to walk to and from.

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The "Ohio All Natural Fried Chicken" platter at Hubbard Grille is one of my all-time favorites meals. Hubbard Grille is on the corner of High and Hubbard in the Short North. They also have a bar.


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i always try to hit mac's for burgers and hounddogs for pizza. neither is much for people watching but the food at both is fantastic.

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Bernards in the short north is great food and people watching.  The Blue Danube is still great steak and eggs.  Mac's or Barley's have very good wings.  Bodega is a great place for brew and food.

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I've only had the foot long hot dogs at The Blue Danube.  I think I like the Reuben Dog the best.

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Here's a few of my old standbys.  Whenever I'm in town, I make it a point to hit at least one of these.



  • Betty's: Pinup-themed dive bar in the Short North.  Great cocktails, craft beer, and food.  Apparently, they're moving to Gay Street in the future, something that makes me very sad.
  • The Brazenhead: My second home when I lived in Columbus.  Friendly bartenders, ~10-15 beers on tap (can't remember anymore), good food, and relaxed, comfortable atmosphere.
  • Barrel 44: Whiskey bar in the Short North.  Nice selection of whiskies (predominantly Bourbon and American whiskey with a decent Scotch selection -- predominantly Speyside) with good food to boot.
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Props on the Los Guachos reference. Awesome pastor, but I think they have my favorite chorizo in the city. Betty's is actually closing down and relocating. I believe it has already closed down...will be moving to Grant downtown (over by Grass Skirt Tiki Lounge). Another place I've been frequenting a lot since it recenlty reopened, which is also great for breakfast (especially since Hang Over Easy has a 5 hour wait every morning) is Philco (the old Philip's Coney Island on High Street). It's an awesome modern diner type food and atmosphere. The Dube is still my hangover brunch cure for cheap but good food and booze in a very casual setting. Barrel has gone downhill a bit in recent years, they appear to not be paying attention to the finer details of bartending and whiskey service as much as they used to. Cutting corners and such. The best whiskey drinks I've had in the city are in German Village at Curio. Best drinks I've had in the city in general, really. Very small, speakeasy type setting and It's located next door to possibly some of the best artisan pizza in the city at Harvest Pizzeria. Pricey (at least $10 a drink), but awesome stuff.

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Why not Sugar Bar 2!!!????

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Stop by North High Brewing for a beer. At the northern part of the Short North right next to what used to be called the ghetto Kroger. Been open for just over a year and is doing well. Good variety of beers. 

I really like their nitro milk stout and the Wildcard English Ale. They also make a oyster beer for if you are there you can give that a try.

They've also had some former Buckeyes (Oden and Katzenmoyer) in lately so you never know who you'll see.

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Tilted Kilt.

Nuff said.

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I went to the Polaris one (not sure if there are more) for the 1st time after the running in the Columbus marathon last year.  I wanted to try something different when I was in town and had never heard of it. I knew absolutely nothing about it.  Wow what a pleasant surprise that was!

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A Horseshoe Pretzel, nothing better


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I love press grill in short north.  Awesome food and specials for a good price.  I also really like Columbus Brewing or Bodega if you like to try craft beers.  Also, I would recommend the happy hour at Marcella's in short north if you are there for any weekdays.

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Ramzy will back me up on this one – go to Bakersfield and eat tacos and drink bourbon. Repeat ad infinitum.


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Yeah Bakersfield is delicious. Their tacos are tiny, but SO DAMN FILLING AND DELICIOUS. A+++ place.

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I see they have tequila, do they stock any mezcal?

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The Pearl is a fantastic dining experience in the Short North area. My favorite place for sandwiches is Brown Bag in German Village. As for bars, I really liked 16-Bit Bar but that is only because I like video games and with two young kids, I don't get out much anymore.

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Barcade is another bossed out establishment. Corner of 4th/Main next to the Dirty Hot Dog Palace.

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16-Bit is awesome, Dirty Franks is awesome. Also on that corner, Little Palace is a classic for good food at good prices and good prices on booze. The best food item one can consume on that whole block though is the Cubano torta at El Camino Inn. It's one of my absolute favorite sandwiches in the city. It's incredible. I love El Camino for happy hour. They have good deals on tequila and cocktails and southwest/Mexican beers. It is small and does attract the after work happy hour crowd from downtown from time to time.

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I love 16-Bit but I hate really crowded bars/places.

For me, 16-Bit is perfect for day drinking and those Saturdays when you feel like tying one on all day.  Once the hipster crowd starts rolling in, I dip out.  Earlier in the day you have fairly free run of all the awesome arcade hits they have there.  Great bar, great concept (I have visited Barcades in other cities and always wanted one here) I just get frustrated when it gets packed.  Definitely worth checking out though.

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Short North

Marcella's is still one of my favorite Columbus restaurants. Excellent Italian food, small plates to share, reasonable prices, and very lively. Reservations accepted.

I love Bakersfield but, if this is your choice, arrive before 6:45. The place gets a ton of guests and they don't take reservations.

German Village

The Sycamore is a brand new restaurant that is tucked away on a residential street in German Village. Very different feel from the lively Short North. Easily the best food I have had this year. Within probably five blocks is Curio, a cozy bar featuring classic cocktails. Fair warning, their drinks are all in the $10-15 range, but it is a nice spot for a nightcap.


My favorite place is Tasi, a small restaurant off of High Street in the Short North. Poached eggs on black bean cakes are incredible. It is right around the corner from Homage if you need any good Buckeye apparel.

I haven't been for breakfast yet, but The Pearl is another option and is one of the few in town that serves chicken and waffles.

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Hound Dogs Pizza with their garlic crust and spicy might be a dive, but I drag my kids there everytime I'm in Columbus.

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Don't know what kind of reviews it gets in Columbus but I had a great meal and good time at the Three Legged Mare in the arena district when I was in Columbus for a convention.

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UPVOTES FOR EVERYBODY!  Thanks for the advice, much appreciated.

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