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True Detective

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February 17, 2014 at 9:58am

Fellow 11w posters/readers,

Just curious if any of you guys and gals are watching True Detective on HBO starring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson? Last night was episode 5 of an 8 episode season - it was amazing! McConaughey is doing an absolutely unreal job of acting with his character, which I never thought I would say because I've never been all too impressed with him (until now).

Anyhow, if there are any other watchers of the show - feel free to use this thread to comment, opine, etc. - I thought the show was great but last night's episode turned it into something elite in my opinion. Best show I've seen since Breaking Bad.

Look forward to hearing some other thoughts and hope you all are enjoying it as much as I am. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend catching up on it if you have access to HBO.



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I couldn't agree with you more.  However, the show is definitely not for everyone.  I have friends who couldn't get through season 1 of Breaking Bad because it was "too slow" and this show tops that.  Amazing dialog, but if you can't stand "nothing happening", then I wouldn't waste your time.

That being said, Sunday can't come fast enough.

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Been watching from the beginning. McConaughey is the essence of cool. I knew that some of what happened would come back on him. Can't wait for the next twist. 

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I am really pleasantly surprised by McConaughey's acting in the series so far.  Maybe I shouldn't be though.  He has has very good performances before:  A Time to Kill, The Lincoln Lawyer....Dazed and Confused.


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Awesome show, couldn't wait for it to start after seeing the previews during Boardwalk Empire I believe, possibly towards the end of the last Game of Thrones season.  

My wife and I were not looking forward to seeing the "Gas Mask" character, Ledeoux, after he was teased a couple episodes ago, walking around in his underwear.  Man that was creepy.  

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McConaughey's "something deep and dark detectives, something deep and dark" from the very first trailer had me hooked. Been hooked ever since, fantastic show.

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This show is simply brilliant.With them using the anthology format Im kind of sad that we are going to have a completely new cast next season. Show is very well written and thought out. Keeps you guessing on what comes next. Anyone here think he did it?

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There are a couple of people in the thread who said they haven't watched it yet, so I don't want to spoil anything by what I'm about to say, so:

But I'm thinking no, that he's been off the grid because he feels the case goes all the way up to the top in that state and if authorities feel he's onto the real kingpin/"Yellow King" he'll be snuffed out. Also believe he doesn't want to let them into his shed (mentioned at the end of ep 5) because that's where he's keeping the evidence he's been gathering over the years, and he realizes if they see all of the evidence in one place they can frame him for the most recent murder.

^Hope that's not too spoiler-filled, especially since it's entirely speculation on my part haha.

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This is my favorite show on TV since Breaking Bad. The dialogue, the camera-work, the acting are all superb IMHO.

Did anyone catch that guy on 4chan (I saw it on /r/TrueDetective) that posted the spoiler via some guy who was friends with an HBO insider? This was like two weeks ago, and after last night's episode, looks like he's hitting it spot on.

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I'm still trying to finish Breaking Bad (two more episodes left in S4, haven't had time to watch lately) and then I'll probably move on to True Detective. Also I just binge-watched House of Cards, if anyone else here is into that.

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I hate the fact I have to wait a whole week to get my next True Detective fix - I didn't decide to start watching Breaking Bad until they were in the midst of season 4 so I binge watched the majority of that show on Netflix. That's the way to go - I also watched all of Lost that way, which ended up being another personal favorite, although entirely different.

The unique thing about True Detective is the format - so after this season it'll be an entirely new storyline with a new car for another 8 episodes. I feel bad for whomever has to follow in McConaughey's footsteps though. He is top-notch and Harrelson not too far behind either. The cool thing about this format is that it allows the show to go after big (cinema) name actors and actresses because the show only requires a 5-6 month commitment. Hopefully they will continue to attract some of the top names.

Had not seen anything re: a spoiler DJ. Care to share? Is there more to what we saw last night in this spoiler? That last scene….hair on my neck was raised up - very eerie.

Also looking forward to watching House of Cards soon. I almost started watching that right before TD but decided to wait. I'll probably catch that series after this.

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So, I'll admit, I came to True Detective largely out of my interest in Lovecraftian horror- someone on a mailing list I'm on mentioned that he was watching it, and that, in episode 2, a character started babbling about the King in Yellow and Carcosa... and that tends to get my attention pretty quickly.  So, I picked up the series, and mostly stayed for the story, acting and cinematography, like most people.  I think it's a pretty solid series, so far, and I think the extended serial format is going to be interesting, since there's a definite start/middle/end, with no pressure to extend the story- I wonder if we'll see the revival of the rather maligned miniseries, given television has supplanted cinema as the place to be innovative in your filmmakng and story telling.

That said, a lot of my friends, and myself, are as interested in the "Will they or won't they" take the story in a Lovecraftian turn- after all, the story is framed in a rather Lovecraftian way- protagonists telling the story of an investigation in hindsight, not in unfolding time, and how fucked up Chole has become- a drunk who gave up an intellectually challenging job for menial work and self medication- and a lot of our speculation involves if Chole is going to go to Carcosa or have a similar glimpse of horror beyond time and space, or if the bad guy is just crazy and really liked weird tales before going nuts.  (And how much of what we see is real/the truth/a polite fiction, how much of it is being told to the modern investigators, etc., etc,) 

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Haven't seen True Detective yet, but I've been curious. I'll definitely be catching it...

Matthew McConaughey has really owned his recent opportunities as a serious actor. He's amazing in "Dallas Buyers Club" and it sounds like he's nailing it again in TD. 

Colerain 2004 G.O.A.T.'s picture

True he laid down quite a gem in Dallas buyers but the work he is putting in on true detective is some of the best Ive seen.I would imagine he is going to be up for some nice awards.

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Love the show, this is McConaughey's best work since Frailty.

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- have them all dvr'd so far, just waiting to be able to watch the entire season and not have to wait between episodes

- hate MM, love WH, so i was torn on starting it until I heard some reviews but everything I have heard so far has been positive

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thank you everyone. Few hours ago because of you guys I just temporarily purchased HBO to watch the show.
I am now starting episode 3.because of this website I also vegetated for about 3 or 4 days watching every single season of breaking bad start to finish.

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So I looked up DJ's spoiler. And, um, holy... just, um... wow. That's some... wow.


Truly at a loss for words.

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Love the show and can't wait to compare the actual ending with predictions/possible spoilers once the show has concluded


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Surprised there havent been more comments since this past weeks episode. Double MM and Woody continue to eat through there scenes. It is great that the show has put doubts in our minds that one week Rust could be the killer and then the next actual make you believe maybe Marty could somehow be a part of it all.

I keep going back to that scene with Marty's girls in the bedroom playing with the little dolls set up as a some sort of creepy group sex activity. Then the oldest gets busted with the older boys.



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So, did DJ's spoiler end up being on target, or was it just gibberish on the interwebs?