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Comment 2 hours ago

I'm not going to lose any sleep over this development. There's nothing the fans can do to change a recruit's mind. But being negative is childish and a waste of time.

Just my $0.02 but the whole "Come to OSU or lose to OSU" thing is over-played. I'm not personally attacking anyone; I just think the statement is said in poor taste because we have a spoiled fan base that occasionally gets a taste of sour grapes. This is the nature of the (recruiting) beast. We will always have to fight off other schools (especially Michigan) if we want to sign top-rated recruiting classes. 

Anyone who is sitting on this thread and debating whether or not Kareem Walker is a good football player because news surfaced that he is taking an OV (or even an UV) to UM (or any school for that matter) should be ashamed. This guy is a HELL of a player (from what I can see on tape) and one that the Buckeyes would be extremely excited to have for the next 3-4 years! The staff obviously wants him and the fans do to. There is little need to get defensive of OSU because he is taking a visit elsewhere. I'm sure there are more visits coming as well. It looks bad on the OSU fanbase when we take to the Internet to voice displeasure over a guy taking visits to other schools.

If he signs with Michigan or anywhere else than OSU, I personally will be bummed out because I think he can be a stud here but I'm not going to take it personally and then come bash Kareem Walker on an Internet message board. Kids do what's right for them to help them become men. Nobody can fault them for choosing another school if they sign elsewhere. 

At any rate, I figure my rant should end now...Go Bucks! Beat Maryland!

Comment 05 Oct 2015

Oh damn....the socks make this totally worthwhile.

Burn me at the stake, I've never had a problem with all the Oregon alternates and I think they have some pretty good looks out of their 100s of possibilities. Would I want that many combos for the Bucks? Hell no. But does Oregon have the tradition of Ohio State? Hell no.

Overall, I can get onboard with this uni.

Comment 31 Aug 2015

Two more I've heard in the recent past:

Few years back at Augusta, Phil is off the back side of 15 green and has no angle to the pin. He hits a pretty miraculous shot/putt that comes to rest 3-5 feet from the hole for the ensuing birdie. Feherty says, "Phil is watching a movie that only he can see in his head."

Couple of weeks back at the PGA, Matt Jones hits a hook into the crap well below the green surface on hole 16 or 17 (par 3). He has to hit a miraculous shot to even hit the green as he needs to come over the railroad ties with a high trajectory shot that needs to get up rather quickly. The CBS telecast starts zooming in towards his lie and Feherty goes: "This lie....sigh....I'm not sure the devil himself could've placed the ball in a worse place."

Haha the man is pure comedy gold if you ask me. 

Comment 25 Aug 2015

USC wanted to keep the locker room alcohol but Coach Sark was abusing his privileges

Comment 24 Aug 2015

They can't hit him if they can't catch him!

In all seriousness, this is one of my concerns of Brax switching to the H-Back position - as much as I love #5 - er....#1 - he has a history of being injury prone. I think he has packed on some solid muscle though in the offseason in order to endure more hits and that he will adjust just fine.

Looking for big things from one of my fave Buckeyes of all time this fall!

Comment 19 Aug 2015

Very enlightening post - cool to have that insight - thank you for sharing Brohio. I personally enjoy the new looks that Nike delivers - at least the vast majority of them!

Comment 19 Aug 2015

While Kirk is a bit of a tool (or at least appears/comes across that way on TV) and definitely overuses the football clichés (speed, swagger, in space, etc.), I don't hate the guy nor do I think he is unduly harsh towards the Buckeyes. I think he is a diehard but has to be neutral, which is hard to do on camera. I think he loves his university and I've never doubted that.

I also think he pointed out some true shortcomings of Buckeye football during the Tressel years. (I love Tress too so don't go bashing me for what I'm about to say...) Tress's Buckeye teams, as good as they were, cannot compare to Urban's Buckeye teams. We are on a whole 'nother level right now. 

Anyhow, Happy Birthday Kirk!

Comment 14 Aug 2015

I think this is case of the Derek Jeter connection - Jeets is a big scUMmer and signed to Jordan brand. He probably said, "Look Michael, these fuckers haven't won anything since 1997. You know what that's like, right? You guys should team up."

Michael probably responded with a gambling proposition: "If I hit 8 out of 20 in the batting cages - no deal. If I hit less than 8, I will sign Michigan." Everyone knows baseball was not good for Mike.

I'm gonna give him a pass but this hurts - it's horrible when one of your favorite athletes and childhood heroes turns to the enemy.

Comment 06 Aug 2015

I like the top jersey matched with the bottom helmet - that would be fire if you ask me! I personally like the one I see floating around that is basically the playoff jersey in black (I think 12Gauge had it on Twitter). Either of those, I'd be good with. Also think the numbers on the top of the shoulders should be scarlet.

Comment 30 Jun 2015

Lots of great choices...for me it's Teddy Ballgame and it's not even close.

Gamebreaker as a KR/PR. The importance of field position is always underestimated I think. He could flip it in one play in a matter of seconds. Not to mention, he was a damn good receiver too at OSU. Give me Tedd Ginn, Jr. all day in the Urban Meyer offense and definitely on special teams.

If he's even, he's leavin'.

Comment 10 Jun 2015

Hahaha....stroke of genius. I have been hit by a skulled iron shot in the ankle before and my dad has been hit in the face with a golf club but that's the first I've heard of such an unfortunate ricochet shot.

Comment 10 Jun 2015


I'm also self-taught and grew up playing recreational courses, a par-3, and a couple of shoddy muni's in Tampa. My swing is pretty ugly - straight out of a golf horror movie - but somehow yields above-average results. It would make Hogan roll over in his grave. 

My old man played a lot in his 30's and 40's and claims he shot in the mid 80's during his peak. Around the time he stopped playing due to an iffy back, I picked it up the game. By the time my family moved to NC as I was about to start high school, I convinced Dad to pick the game up again. He is an average to below average golfer now but he and I enjoy the hell out of the game for 1 or 2 rounds every weekend. 

Anyhow, a few months back he is in the midst of another average round for him (mid 90's) and we get to the short par-3 14th. There's a foursome on the green and pin is tucked back left. They wave us up because we're a twosome. He hits his shot and it goes high into the sun - neither of us see it. One of the guys on the green sees it and throws his hands up in the air and yells. We get up there and my Dad has recorded his first ever ace, something which I have yet to accomplish. Pretty surreal moment and I hope I get to experience it sometime myself. But it was even more enjoyment to see the disbelief and excitement on my old man's face when it finally hit him that he had recorded a hole-in-one. That's what makes golf enjoyable to me - those little moments when we capture magic. 

I hope to see a subsequent post from you in the near future with a success story of the 70's or maybe something more magical - like the 60's.

Comment 10 Jun 2015

I play a fair amount and shoot anywhere from mid-80's to mid-90's. 77 is my best, which I've done twice and feel lucky to have done.

Reading this story, I can feel your pain. I think sometimes the internal pressure of saying "I need to make par-par for 76" or "double on 18 gets me in for a 79" is just too much for amateur golfers. Don't take that as a slight because it happens to me and any of us, really. But my 'recommendation' (though based on this story, I think you should be telling most of us how to play golf) is to not put that pressure on yourself. However you were feeling on the front 9, where you blistered that side in 4 under and pushed to 6 under after 10 - recapture it. You weren't going from hole to hole with the negative thoughts of what could happen but rather playing your game and letting the chips fall where they may. For amateur golfers, rather a single digit handicap or a guys who shoots >100, this is the mentality to have. Not trying to be too preachy or cliché but I truly believe this is the attitude you need to have when you play.

Even in my best rounds, I have never shot 4-under on one side or even for a stretch of holes in the middle of a round. That's phenomenal golf. Sometimes, if you feel like you can't play any better than you did it's best to just pick it up and feel like you conquered it for a day. In the end, the game always ends. Whenever I shoot close to even par on 9, I just say to myself, 'I should retire' haha.

Anyways, thanks for posting. It was entertaining. I hope you succeed in your pursuit for 70's the next time you tee it up!

Comment 29 May 2015

Born in 1990, but to this day, this is still one of my top 5 greatest movies of all time. And yes, I'm still afraid of the ocean solely because of this movie.

Agree with sentiment(s) on the board that a) it gets better with each viewing and b) Quint (Robert Shaw) stole the show in this movie.

I will be watching on June 1st - either on Blu-Ray or I'm sure AMC will have it that night!

Comment 27 May 2015

Agreed - that's how I read his comment, too. Either way, I will wait until June 7th before I get all excited but I think this is a good sign nonetheless.

Comment 27 May 2015

Obviously I'm not the proverbial.....hor...(the following photo is so much better than words)

Horses' Mouth

here, but I would venture that even if Birm knew that Mack (or any recruit for that matter) WAS indeed a silent commit that he would not ruin that young man's moment in the sun. This is a big decision for these kids and none of them want to have there moments spoiled by media or anybody else.

Birm is a professional and acts with class so even if he knows information like this, I would bet my bottom dollar he does not divulge it (but may offer subtle hints) out of respect to the recruits and their respective decisions.

Comment 21 May 2015

Thank you for posting this - RIP Brock.

Comment 20 May 2015

Haha the chicken v. egg theory...

I can get where you're coming from though for sure. If it's the latter, then I agree. Once they put the camera on you, you might as well do something.

The other issue I have is that the GA sees one of those guys and then believes that these guys are an accurate representation of all Buckeye fans.

Comment 20 May 2015

I read the thread title and thought, "What team wouldn't want this guy as their captain?"; Foligno not Ferrigno