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Jayru Campbell Charges

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February 10, 2014 at 5:59pm

Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere. I am still figuring out where things are on the new site. It appears Jayru Campbell has had two charges brought against him from the security guard body slam issue. Interesting to see MSU response.

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Ouch, that most hurt.

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What a waste of talent. I hope Jayru gets his life turned around asap.

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I'm surprised he hasn't lost his scholarship yet…the video is quite evident (far more clearer than the Hyde tape) and these charges are serious. 

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I don't believe he signed his LOI with Michigan State. I know that Mich St. can't comment on him/his situation, but I am curious if they pulled his scholie.

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Class of 2015.  He's a year away from a LOI, and more from a scholarship.

Jayru (age 17) will be a good candidate for Michigan's Holmes Youthful Trainee Act.  If he turns his behavior around, and is discipline-free for a year, I'd suspect he can avoid a felony conviction.  And that will leave him free to accept a collegiate scholarship.  Maybe not to MSU.  But maybe to MSU.

His problem right now is that he is -- and will be for a while -- suspended from Cass Tech and under a "no contact" order with the school.  He'll lose a full term.  That will make it mostly impossible for Jayru to early-enroll anywhere.  He'll have to work hard to graduate on time.  I have some question whether he'll stay at Cass Tech.

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Pretty serious dookie.  If convicted, he gets to carry those violent charges with him---forever.

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How's he gonna react when things don't go his way in the classroom, at practice or on the field?

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Two felonies.  Oof.

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Was the guard ok? I know he got up and everything, but was there any serious harm done?

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I believe I heard on a video that he had a facial injury of some kind and a laceration on his head.  It didn't sound terribly serious though. 

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