Wisconsin Secures West Regional and Bo Ryan's First Final Four

By Vico on March 29, 2014 at 11:16p

The game devolved in overtime to some questionable calls in the final seconds. This included an offensive foul on Arizona's penultimate possession, followed by a tight overturn on an out-of-bounds play that returned the ball to Arizona. With under three seconds remaining in overtime, Arizona failed to get off a shot. Wisconsin won 64-63 to give Bo Ryan his first trip to the Final Four.

The Big Ten will now have at least one representative in the Final Four. Michigan and Michigan State play next to determine if the league can have, at the most, three-fourths of the participants at AT&T Stadium in North Texas next week.

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All I can say is WOW. What a basketball game!

Our Honor Defend!

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Refs need to stay out of the game. 2 HORRIBLE calls in the last 10 seconds. That replay took longer than an NFL game.

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As much as I hate for good things to happen for TTUN, it would be pretty cool to 3 B1G teams in the final four. Hopefully Wisky will beat Florida and the fans will start a B1G... B1G... B1G chant. 

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I hate the Badgers just a bit less than I have in the past.  Bo deserves this one. 

Look closely, because the closer you think you are, the less you will actually see.


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Totally agree.
When they interviewed Bo after the game about how he and his dad had been to watch the final 4 for years...and his dad recently passed away, and now Bo has finally made it...I actually felt for him.
Pulling for Sparty and Wisco from here on out.

Real torn about TTUN vs KenSucky...I could do without either still being in the tourney.

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Penultimate is my favorite word of the English language.

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Or second-to-favorite?

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if Bo Ryan or John Belein get a ncaa title before Matta and the Buckeyes it will make me sick.  Especially after the one shot we had against florida and the crappy year the committee decided to put Kentucky in our bracket when we were the #1 overall seed

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That was a really lousy call at the end of the game, but Wisconsin overcame it.

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I'm not an official, so I have no insight into a ref's mentality in that situation - but did anyone else think "make-up call" when they overturned possession and gave the ball back to Zona for the last shot?

"You win with people "

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Pretty impressive game by the Badgers. If it hadn't been for Arizona's ability to convert offensive rebounds, it wouldn't have been close.

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