Ohio State Men's Hockey Evens Ferris State Series

By Grant Miller on March 17, 2013 at 1:27a

COLUMBUS — While Aaron Craft was going Bob Cousy on Sparty, the Ohio State men's hockey team faced elimination and a likely end to their season. But they proved up to the task as they pulled together a solid effort to beat Ferris State 3-1 in game two of their CCHA quarterfinal series at a jam-packed OSU Ice Rink, forcing a decisive game three.

After a disappointing third period led to a 4-2 loss on Friday, it was do-or-die time for Mark Osiecki's team. He could not have enjoyed watching the way Ferris dealt with his team's intense opening, especially when Travis Ouellette capitalized on an early power play by tipping in Justin Buzzeo's shot to give the visitors the lead. Ten minutes later the Buckeyes had a power play of their own, and Curtis Gedig's long pass split the defense perfectly leaving Ryan Dzingel with a breakaway chance that he promptly dispatched into the roof of the net. 

The action picked up in the second period which featured both goalies making over ten saves, but it was the Buckeyes who scored the decisive marker when Max McCormick's hard work below the net led to his wraparound squeezing into the net.

With a one goal lead preserving not only the game, but the season, the crowd rose to the occasion in the third period. Time and time again the Bulldogs got the puck to the net, but Brady Hjelle stood tall. In the final minute Ferris State pulled goaltender CJ Motte, but before they could even set up their offense a shot was blocked at the point and the puck eventually came to Nick Oddo who easily slotted into the empty net to seal the victory.

The deciding matchup is tonight at 7:05 p.m. at the OSU Ice Rink, and you'd be hard pressed to find better Sunday evening plans than cheering on the icers with 1,000 of your closest friends. Plus, a win for the good guys would mean a trip to Joe Louis Arena and the CCHA Championship — a place Ohio State hasn't been since 2005.  


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bigbadbuck's picture

And after this year they will never again  be in the CCHA finals............Go Bucks!!!!!!

Gentlemen, you can't fight in here, its a war room

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And after this year they will never again  be in the CCHA finals

I don't understand this comment, Bigbad. ^^^^^^^Unless you're being facetious.
I wonder if this game is going to be on TV anywhere? Would love to watch this game!
Go Buckeyes!



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Big Ten hockey begins next year. The CCHA is folding.

Buckeye in PA purgatory

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Game will be webcast for free on BuckeyeVision. http://www.ohiostatebuckeyes.com/allaccess/
(Look for the Ferris State Bulldog icon in the Live Events section.)
BUT IF YOU'RE IN COLUMBUS, JUST GO TO THE GAME. Seats are general admission. 10$ for adults, 5$ for youths. Friday night there were a lot of Ferris State fans in the rink. Let's prevent that tonight.

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To be a little picky, they actually go to the semifinals if they win.

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Total BS they cant find find somewhere else to play. Wish they could get a 7000 seat arena built

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If I might add to the staff write-up, Ryan Dzingel took a hell of a shot to the head in the third period last night. Should have resulted in a 5 minute major penalty and ejection to the Ferris State player if you go by the NCAA rulebook.
Addressed specifically in the Points of Emphasis section of the NCAA Ice Hockey 2012-13 and 2013-14 Rules and Regulations:

Contact to the Head
This is an important safety issue and the committee is concerned about some violent contact that has occurred in the game and caused injury. To make this rule clearer, any time a player targets the head or neck area of an opponent, it must be a major penalty and a game misconduct penalty at a minimum. This rule is not intended to cover incidental contact or contact with the head that occurs that should be a minor penalty (e.g., unintentional high stick, body check where the contact is initiated at the shoulder or torso, but the follow through makes some contact with the head). Clear direction is being provided here to assist officials, coaches and players with this rule.
The committee expects a heightened awareness to direct contact to head, but it should be noted that many contact to the head fouls in previous seasons that were minor penalties should remain minor penalties (e.g., an incidental high sticking foul would remain a minor for high sticking).

The ref blew play dead when Dzingel went down. Apparently he had second-thoughts about calling the penalty... as it would have disqualified the player from participating in tonights game (automatic one game suspension). Ruled the contact incidental, no foul... which was total bullshit on three counts. First, it clearly wasn't incidental. Second, see my emphasis in the above quote -- even incidental contact is supposed to result in a minor penalty. And third, Chris Crane got slapped with Hitting From Behind (also a Game Misconduct penalty) with seconds to play in Friday night's game which resulted in him being suspended for last night's game.
Incidentally, Dzingel had been having a hell of third period before that hit. It took him off the ice for about 2 minutes. If this weren't the last couple games of the last season, I'd file a complaint against last night's officials with the CCHA.