This Ryan Shazier Highlight Video Will Inspire You to Destroy Something Today

By Jason Priestas on February 11, 2013 at 6:31a

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That Wisconsin goal line stand was one of the all time great moments.

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I've only been watching games since the late 80's.  And excepting nearly every snap of the National Championship game against Miami, that was at least the best defensive moment.

But Clarrett stealing the ball, Wilhelm's annihalation of Dorsey, or Grant's pressure to seal the deal are all ahead of this.  Maybe even my favorite play by my favorite player you may never have heard of:  Tito Paul
And throwing offense into the equation:  Holy Buckeye, Troy Smith any snap during a game against our rival, Ted Ginn on any given moment, Gonzo/Sanzenbacher (anyone ever seen them in the room at the same time?) on countless occasions, Braxton game winner against Winsconsin, Kenny G's late-game heroics, Joe Germaine game winner against Arizona State, Pryor's game winner vs Wisky...I could go on.

Dan Isaacs

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I was in the stands in East Lansing when Tito Paul blew that kid up on the punt return. 

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The Wisconsin goal line stand play is happy to be in the same conversation as all of those moments. There are lots of great moments in Buckeye history thank goodness.

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^THIS.  Shazier prevented Ball from getting the NCAA record against tOSU.  Because of him, Penn State will have to live with that ignomity.  Forever.

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Zach Dumas had hit that ranks pretty high too.

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We shouldn't forget the goal-line stand against Penn State in Shazier's freshman season.  I think they has 7 chances from within the 5 yard line and Shazier was a beast.  The stadium was out of control, one of my top moments in the Shoe.

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Shazier was in on at least the last 4 of those stops...  ohh, and it was his first start as a Buckeye.

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Easily my favorite Buckeye right now.
The 4th and 3 against tsun and the Montee Ball fumble are two of my top ten plays of the year.

Our Honor Defend!

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This would be great tape for a highschooler that is playing in a league that is way to low for his talents. Easily one of the best highlite video I have ever watched.

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Every Monday morning should start with this video

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Agreed. Highlights of destruction make my week go faster. 

How firm thy friendship..

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What, no love for the rest of the week?

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1:28..broke the poor kid in half. This video should be shown to the youngin's for the proper tackling technique. The man literally is at 120 mph every damn play.

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One of the best things is that he was getting better every single game. He still hasn't reached his ceiling. He's reading defenses better, taking better pursuit angles, and he's putting himself in the right position more often than not. Scary how good this guy is going to be. 

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While true, the addition of Boren to the LB corp helped quite a bit.  Before Zach was added as the Mike I think Shazier tried to do too much because he couldn't trust his counter parts to be where they were supposed to be (e.g. Grant still isn't ready to play between the ears).  Once he was able to just focus on his responsibilities he just kept getting better and better.

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The dude had such an impactful season. Like he ACTUALLY made an impact and was more than an 'emotional heart and soul of a team' who had to 'endure' real and imagined tragedy on his way to being nominated, say, for a Heisman. No one will ever convince me (Catfish story included) that Manti had a better year than Shazier.

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2 Things, 1. Shazier is a beast with a nose for the ball, 2. If the Bucks do not get a space eater to command double teams like Hankins, Shazier's production will suffer.

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Have no fear.  Schutt and Washington will be hard to handle. 

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..well this seasons gonna be fun wont it

I like football

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Like last year, except this time with all the marbles on the line.  Holy hell, where's the Malox?

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Excellent video.  Hats off to all the editors out there who make Mondays a little brighter. 

Just Win.

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Great video, my only dissappointment is the lack of the invisible cereal bowl mocking Detard. Great work though!

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