Illinois Knocks off Indiana in Champaign

By Jason Priestas on February 7, 2013 at 11:26p

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This one was always going to be a trap game for IU.  They were either going to be looking ahead to us or having a let down game after a big win vs. Michigan.  What are the odds they lose two in a row? Oh well, if we win on Sunday (we will), I don't think it will take much of the luster off and this shows Illinois is still a pretty good team.  Doesn't excuse getting blown out, but losing there is understandable.

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Just bummed that TOSU didn't get a chance to unseat another #1 this year.




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Technically, OSU didn't unseat a #1 this year.  However, IU will still have #1 next to their name on Sunday.
Anyway, unseat away.  I want to see Zeller, Hulls, Oladipo, Watford, Yogi, and Crean hanging their heads.  In fact, destroy them!

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OSU can still technically defeat a #1 team as the new rankings won't be out yet :)
They prevented TSUN from becoming #1 if that's what he meant by unseating a #1.

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They lost Griffey.  How do you do that?  lol

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And that is the B1G for you

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O IU you are such a terrible team on the road

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Silly B1G bball... going all M Knight Shammalammalann

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M. Knight Shamamalamasamaramadama? I may have heard that name before...

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Bruce Pearl is on ESPN blaming Watford for the defensive breakdown on the last play and I totally disagree. Its pretty obvious that IU was switching screens and Watford ends up being the defender that chases the guy to the corner. It's pretty clear that Zeller was the last line of defense for anybody rolling to the basket and rather than being ready he just stands there straight legged watching the paint dry

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Moments later, John Groce and his son are captured in the (NAMBLA) photo of the month
Why isn't that kid wearing a shirt?!? It's February

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Kid did this:

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His favorite football player is Gronk:

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I personally think that's on Watford....should have stayed with the man it was really Yogi who got picked and you ALWAYS defend the paint there...rather give Yogi's guy the 3

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And there goes Hoosier Hysteria. I always said wait until conference play when they hit the road. Let's go bucks, and make it 3 in a row.