Rabbit Hole: Getting Deeper

By Ramzy Nasrallah on January 18, 2013 at 11:19p

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You sir definitely earned an upvote!

The South will NOT rise again!

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Are we in the Matrix?

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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Manti needs to come out and admit he got caught.  We've all been caught doing stupid stuff at one time or another.

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I think as this progresses it is going to become increasingly evident that ND is FOS and their PR department is misleading everyone to preserve image

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Honestly at this point I don't even really care what happens to Manti at this point. He's a 20 yr old kid who's either 1.) really really stupid 2.) extremely malicious or 3.) closeted gay. None of these 3 potential options matters to us, nor should it. What kind of person he is privately is none of my business and I wish him a good life just like I would any other normal human in this world. 
That said, however, I DO care to see Notre Dame the institution get f*cking exposed more and more on the national stage as the FAKE, Hypocritical, arrogant fools that they are. The more ND gets s*it on as this story progresses the more I enjoy it. 

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Probably going to take a few downvotes for this but...
I find it hard to get worked up that Notre Dame was not honest while raising money for a worthy cause.

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I just realized where I'd heard the Manto Te'o story before...

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I've just collapsed into a singularity. 

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Manti needs girlfriend advice from AJ McCarron. Hell, PeeWee Herman could give him advice.

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Could this be where the NCAA steps in?  They received money from a fundraiser for a person who didn't die.  That has to be some sort of violation.  It's already a morals violation but where did that money they made from the fundraiser go to? 

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Well, at least ND isn't in the B1G.

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Has this link been updated with a new article? I don't see a mention of the fundraiser. 

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It's all the way at the end.  It was actually an unknowing alum, but ND sent a videographer to speak with him, and posted the video on their website.

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(Run on sentence alert) Sure is nice to sit back and relax with my feet up on the desk watching ND implode, Teo making it up as he goes,, ESPN with egg on their face, Chip Kelly taking a hike to Philly, Lane Kiffin stinking it up with USC recruits and firing his dad, Miami getting ready for hurricane Shapiro to blow in, scUM recruits from Detroit heading to C-Bus..........  and think how wonderful it is that the so-called "tat-gate" shit storm has passed, and Meyer is getting ready for year 2 after an undefeated year 1.
Blue Skies....smiling at OSU, nothing but Blue Skies, baby.