A Rockwellian Tribute to Ohio State

January 17, 2013 at 2:33p    by Jason Priestas    
A member of the OSU subreddit "got bored and started Photoshopping." (imgur.com)


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That is both awesome, and incredibly bizarre.

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my brain hurts looking at that...yet i find it cool as hell

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Um, Tebow???

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Immediately saved this to my photos.

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This is awesome. I wish i could draw something other than stick figures

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It's so..... beautiful.

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Freedom From Losses or Sanctions

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In my mind this said..."A Raekwellian Tribute to Ohio State...."
Man I hope he ends up here.......

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Really great! I had to go look up the original.

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I like those pro-combat uni's so much! I wish they would keep them as the regular uniforms. Those were just so awesome! Of course I'm talking about the one's from 12!

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i had to look at that for like 10 minutes.  There is so much to it.  Freaking cool!

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I'm so confused...

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