Bo Pelini is having setbacks at Cardinal Mooney

January 28, 2013 at 11:33p    by Vico    

Bo Pelini has tried desperately to add Ohio to the list of states like California and Texas that regularly stock the Cornhuskers roster. The pipeline is supposed to be Cardinal Mooney High School in Youngstown.  Suffice to say, Pelini has had a rough 24 hours with his alma mater.


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Come be a buckeye, that's close to home and you can stick it to pelini n win some titles.......

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small font made it look like titties. 

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Yeah we need more RBs

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6.5 yards per carry ain't bad...sounds like a guy with potential who isn't getting the PT he'd like in addition to wanting to come closer to home..

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I wonder if Cortney Love follows suit, the staff would reconsider him assuming we miss out on Hunt or Bell.

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I believe that Love was an early enrollee. I think Nebraska can sustain the loss of Heard who was never likely to be THE feature back, though he did get good playing time last year so this is a head scratcher. Having seen both McWilson and Love play throughout high school---McWilson is no big loss, but Love would be quite the loss. 

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You're correct that Love is already enrolled.
As to Heard I agree he wouldn't ever have been the feature back but he was a solid insert when Abdullah needed a breather and Rex was out (now graduated).  Saw him play a lot in high school and was blown away by his footwork and vision in the hole, and then his obvious breakaway speed.
I feel the total opposite about McWilson and Love.  Have seen them play a lot and think McWilson is a bigger loss than Love would be.  McWilson is athletic and lean and has a competitive edge to him while Love would OFTEN get lost on the field.  Love seems soft to me and when playing the more talented teams (which Mooney schedules a lot of) he would disapear, while McWilson would be in the middle of it all.
Either way, Bo is not happy what's going on back here in Youngstown and with his personality it could easily sway away from him, especially now with another Cardinal son being a head coach in the region.

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Pelini is starting his self distruct mode.  His days are numbered at Brasky.

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Results wise he is their John Cooper. From a recruiting standpoint? He is just awful. 
Not a bad coordinator and would probably be a great head coach at a mid-tier school in the BIG /SEC/PAC-12/BIG XII. Just not up to what Big Red should be getting. 
I hope they make a play for Sarkisian (with his west coast ties would be good for Nebraska) or Franklin. 

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Is Nebraska becoming the BigTen version of USC?

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Kinda makes me sad. I'm from Y-town and despise Mooney (minus John Simon), so it always made me happy when OSU beat their players in college.

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